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by cvdwl (#32826098) Attached to: Finding a Research Mentor?

If you don't know the field well enough to identify a good mentor in your area of interest, reading Uni web sites won't help.

Try science citation indices for your subject of interest; look for a prof at a teaching school who is well-cited and has frequent student co-authors. Avoid the guy at the giant research lab who only shares credit with other senior scientists or not at all. Student authors can usually be identified because they have few papers or no Ph.D.

Finally, if you can't identify a field of interest and good papers in that field, you're not ready to be so picky. Get a Masters degree at a good school, attend a conference or two and call back in a few years.


Tom's Hardware On the Current Stable of Office Apps For Linux 121

Posted by timothy
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tc6669 writes "Tom's Hardware is continuing its coverage of easy-to-install Linux applications for new users coming from Windows with the latest installment, Office Apps. This segment covers office suites, word processors, spreadsheet apps, presentation software, simple database titles, desktop publishing, project management, financial software, and more. All of these applications are available in the Ubuntu, Fedora, or openSUSE repos or as .deb or .rpm packages. All of the links to download these applications are provided — even Windows .exe and Mac OS X .dmg files when available."

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