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Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud 107

Andy Smith writes: Here's another company that just doesn't get security research. White hat hacker Egor Homakov found a security flaw in Starbucks gift cards which allowed people to steal money from the company. He reported the flaw to Starbucks, but rather than thank him, the company accused him of fraud and said he had been acting maliciously.

Comment Re:Baking political correctness in society (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Liberal folks, this is your issue. The conservatives and libertarians are all over preserving the right to speech.

This, from the party that is attempting to ban the term "climate change"
Remember this? It's kinda recent...

I don't know why "free speech" seems to lose all its value when NOT being used to threaten women.

Comment Giving the speaker entirely too much credit (Score 1) 894

If someone insults your mom, and you simply MUST punch them to DEFEND HER HONOR or whatever, then you've already admitted that the word poses some kind of a threat to her. It doesn't. It's exactly as substantial and damaging as you believe it is. Assholes deserve the cold shoulder, anything more is just giving them power and attention. Well, until they start punching anyway. Then the gloves come off.

Comment More details plz (Score 2) 285

The website is pretty sparse on the details of what actually happens when this plugin is doing its thing. Unless it's all explained in that paper they posted (which I can't make any sense of, and I'm an IT professional).

Does this plugin simulate a click, or does it actually load the entire target page offscreen, and if so, is there any possibility for recursion here? Suppose there are banner ads on the page being "simul-clicked" on? Does the plugin proceed to them as well? How does this affect bandwidth? And what about security? What happens if that page wants to install the Ultra Monkeys Toolbar in my browser? Is it able to do that? Am I not able to decline or close the offending page before something bad happens because it's all happening offscreen?

Please, developer we've never heard of before, explain to us a bit more why we should trust this plugin. In ENGLISH.

Comment Re:we get it (Score 1) 295

Climate: (noun) - anything in the sky or seas that can be twisted to support the claims that the world will end if we do not all pay higher taxes and give governments more power over corporations who don't give a shit what they ruin as long as it makes money.


Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 160

Facebook has no compact with its users to offer fair and balanced news (if you'll forgive the expression). They are not obligated to feature any particular array of stories to anybody; in fact, we've heard over and over again how the relevance of items that appear in the news feed is skewed and unpredictable. Nobody should be relying on them for news and I don't think we should expect any more journalistic integrity from them than Buzzfeed.

I don't usually take this angle when it comes to corporate responsibility to the public, but in this case I think people are getting too close to Facebook, when Facebook really just wants to be friends. Or perhaps researcher & test subject.

Comment Re:u wot m8 (Score 1) 575

When does 8.1 Update 1 update to 2?

It doesn't, it goes to 8.1 Update 1 SP1. At least until 8.1 Update 1 SP1 Rollup 1 comes out. Then 8.1 Update 1 SP1 will no longer be supported, though you may have to continue using it until they release an appropriate fix for Windows Update in the form of 8.1 Update 1 SP1 Rollup 1 Subrevision 1

Comment Re:Every year (Score 2) 453

Have you noticed how these dire predictions always seem to be made by people in sales or finance? From the perspective of an investor, these devices may have been dead for years now, i.e. there aren't gobs of money to be made by mass-producing them or pumping money into a company who is mass-producing them. The market is saturated, and everyone who is going to own one already does, so there's no opportunity for growth. It doesn't matter that every household/business has at least one of them that they depend on every day, from a financial perspective the PC is dead. This really shouldn't be the perspective that speaks the loudest though.

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