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Comment Java is SLOW (Score -1, Troll) 274

Java is slow*, don't go that route if you are planning a large userbase. There is a reason huge traffic site's don't use it. Facebook, Yahoo, and wikipedia use php, Google/Youtube use python (and strait C).

If you actually want something that will scale well to huge numbers of concurrent visitors the answer really is you're going to have to go with php, Perl (and slashdot's page load times don't give me much confidence in Perl), Ruby (has had serious scaling issues, but I think they may be largely fixed now), or python.

Here is a high performance well coded php mvc framework if you do decide to go that route:

For database MySQL/MariaDB can be an option, but it's quality has been going down in recent years (don't know how much MariaDB has fixed that) and it's not very feature rich in terms of things like stored procedures, custom datatypes, views, etc. If you want something more powerful like you may be used to with Oracle go with Postgresql.

You are also going to want to keep in mind when designing the structure that you will want to make use of something like memcache in the future to increase performance and reduce server load.

Disclosure: I run a high traffic website that get's millions of page views a day. Uses Yii php framework and Postgresql as the database backend. There are about 1,250 people browsing it at this moment (based on active tcp connection count to port 80)

* Yes, I know *in theory* in a certain very limited set of circumstances Java can be faster than compiled code, but the theory doesn't actually match the practical reality of the situation.

Comment Re:What do you mean "we"? (Score 1) 469

I gambled on buying it because Blizzard has a history of being good to gamers so I figured it would be ok. (Ya, wow has issues, but their other stuff used to be good)

They have now lost that good faith with me.

Not many companies left I am still willing to gamble on like that. Valve is one of them, and I expect them to retain that as long as they remain privately owned.

Comment Re:Only shitty games (Score 1) 372

The rest of valve's source engine games like portal2 and left4dead 1&2 are bound to be ported before long.

Now that they have the engine working with HL:Source and TF2, it can't be too hard to get the others over, it's just a matter of applying the necessary patches and doing time consuming tweaks to make it run well, instead of just run.

Comment Re:Translation: We Don't Have Gigabit Fiber (Score 1) 573


I can get 250Mbps internet where I am. But there is no reason for me to pay $115/month, when I can get 25Mbps (fast enough for all my needs) for half that price.

The 250Mbps is far cheaper on a Mbps basis, but at 25 I can already easily steam 1080p video and a 10GB game on steam downloads in less than an hour. 3 minutes to download a half hour episode of something.

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