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+ - Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device

Submitted by rjmarvin
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "Two Princeton computer science students have created an open source platform for developing voice-controlled applications that unlike other voice-control software like Siri or Cortana, are always on. Created by Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh, Jasper runs on Raspberry Pi hardware with Raspbian software, using a collection of open source libraries to make up a development platform for building voice-controlled applications. Marsh and Saha demonstrate Jasper's capability to perform Internet searches, update social media and control music players such as Spotify as just some of the modules developers could build using Jasper's Developer API."

+ - Open SSL Bug Has Gone Mainstream->

Submitted by iONiUM
iONiUM (530420) writes "Many sources are now reporting on the massive bug affecting almost the entire internet in Open SSL (including Yahoo!). There are guides offering information on the bug and how to patch it, as well as a dedicated website to test if a website is vulnerable. This bug allows users to get usernames and plain texts passwords, as well as active sessions even when the connection is using SSL. Here is a list of the top 1000 vulnerable sites."
Link to Original Source

Intel's Nehalem EX To Gain Error Correction 80

Posted by timothy
from the no-it-won't-yes-it-will dept.
angry tapir writes "Intel's eight-core Nehalem EX server processor will include a technology derived from its high-end Itanium chips that helps to reduce data corruption and ensure reliable server performance. The processor will include an error correction feature called MCA Recovery, which will detect and fix errors that could otherwise cause systems to crash — it will be able to detect system errors originating in the CPU or system memory and work with the operating system to correct them." Update: 05/27 19:11 GMT by T : Dave Altavilla suggests also Hot Hardware's coverage of the new chip, which includes quite a bit more information.

Comment: Re:And now for a counterpoint... (Score 1) 322

by csimpkin (#24304323) Attached to: COPA Suffers Yet Another Court Defeat

I am a new father and I certainly understand your point. I am very concerned about the effect that the way women are portrayed in the media will have on my daughter. My wife and I are already discussing the problems with things like the internet. I have made my position well known with her. I don't want to restrict my daughter's access to some incredibly valuable tools just because she might stumble on something offensive. I would rather sit down and have a frank discussion with my daughter and show her some actual data to impress upon her that what she sees on the internet and on tv and in magazines is not an accurate picture of real women. I consider it my responsibility to combat the false message that is being spewed by the mainstream media.

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