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Comment: Re:The World is not entirely filled with idiots (Score 1) 582

by csb (#43064897) Attached to: 'Download This Gun' — 3-D Printed Gun Reliable Up To 600 Rounds

Just print two lowers. Heck, print a dozen. If one is bad, smash it.
Keep the good pieces, and try to analyze what makes them good. Adjust the design.
This is one of the major advantages of fabbing your own -- disposal is no longer a costly, regulatory issue.

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by csb (#43009453) Attached to: We Aren't the World: Why Americans Make Bad Study Subjects

If you could only study a small handful of people, they would be an awful choice.

Why would a researcher only be able to study one nation, out of hundreds? It's not a real problem -- just do more and better research; or, narrow the scope of your conclusions.

I'm kinda getting the vibe that you're a radical isolationist. You may wanna work on that.

Let's see, I recommended researching a hundred nations, especially if one's goal is to "draw broad generalizations" about the "human condition". Pick samples at random from that set, if you like. I'm not sure how that makes me any kind of isolationist.

The isolationist is one who justifies either the inclusion or exclusion of a single nation when claiming to speak for the "human condition". That's a lofty goal -- and one will have to work very hard to live up to it. Picking and choosing based upon arbitrary political borders may not be effective in reaching any sort of species-wide conclusion.

Comment: Who is human? (Score 4, Insightful) 450

by csb (#43005715) Attached to: We Aren't the World: Why Americans Make Bad Study Subjects

If one was trying to scientifically "draw broad generalizations" about humans, why would you ever select samples from just one nation (regardless of which one)?
Use a dozen nations, some more developed than others. Heck, use one hundred nations. How else would you be abled to defend statistically valid results?

Leaving out any arbitrary set of 330 million humans would seem to lead you further away from meaningful conclusions. Are Americans not also human?
Singling out one country for inclusion or exclusion sounds like something other than impartial, apolitical science for drawing "broad generalizations".

If you don't like America (or wherever), that's fine and dandy... but please don't call your hand-picked findings the "human condition". Especially if you're going to choose the humans based upon any one individual's peculiar set of ideals.

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by csb (#41825067) Attached to: Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm, <em>Star Wars</em> Episode 7 Due In 2015

Nien Nunb runs a wacky Space Pilot Summer Camp
Bossk's Bad Day (Should Have Quit Death Sticks Tomorrow)
Three squads of Stormtroopers live in the woods, don't know the war is over
Wedge gets screen time, but as he prepares to speak, 101 Jar-Jar clones prance in.
The Senate of the restored Republic endlessly debates the merits of the Dingell-Norwood Bill

Something with B-wings, lots of B-wings flying around.


North Korea's Own OS, Red Star 316

Posted by timothy
from the linux-is-sometimes-for-communists dept.
klaasb writes "North Korea's self-developed computer operating system, named 'Red Star,' was brought to light for the first time by a Russian satellite broadcaster yesterday. North Korea's top IT experts began developing the Red Star in 2006, but its composition and operation mechanisms were unknown until the internet version of the Russia Today TV program featured the system, citing the blog of a Russian student who goes to the Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang."

Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.