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Comment: Re:bars, restaurants, dry cleaners, art galleries (Score 1) 230

by cryptizard (#47442469) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education
It depends on what you mean by "cost of living." It is actually much easier to be poor in a city than in a rural area. Public transportation means that you don't have to own a car or pay for gas/insurance. You have much easier access to social services, food banks, etc. You can survive on a lot less money in the city than in more isolated areas. The problem comes when you start to want more space.

Comment: Re:Why is location irrelevant for some groups? (Score 3, Insightful) 230

by cryptizard (#47442443) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education
Except that immigrants to the US are a self-selecting group. Only the most motivated people are going to go through all the hassle and work that it takes to actually get here, so of course they are more likely to be successful once they do. There are also a lot of successful black people that grew up poor. But there are just a lot more black people overall, and as a group they didn't choose to be here in a country that is constantly shitting on them. As to your claim that there is no oppression any more, that is constantly disproved by studies that show having a "black" sounding name will result in fewer job interviews, less support from university faculty, harsher law enforcement treatment, etc. It is a reality that you cannot deny.

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I'm confused, do you think that college is harder than working a manual labor job for 8-10 hours a day? Because it's not. It's much easier than pretty much any real job. Why else is college synonymous with drinking and partying? Unfortunately, many people can't afford to go to college because of exorbitant tuition prices. Not everyone has mommy and daddy that can pay it for them.

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I only meant to say that, while more guns might stop some kinds of violence, it might also encourage or foster other types. Maybe gang violence will become more prevalent with more guns. Or maybe people will just adjust their attitudes and become more aggressive, instead of merely robbing you at gun point and letting you go they could just shoot you and take your stuff. No opportunity for you to pull your own gun.

Comment: Stupid summary (Score 1) 217

by cryptizard (#47172343) Attached to: New OpenSSL Man-in-the-Middle Flaw Affects All Clients

That's not an insignificant set of conditions that must be present for a successful attack

But it is exactly the point of TLS, to protect against such an attacker. If you know you don't have a man-in-the-middle then you don't even need it in the first place.

True that the server might not be running that version, but a non-trivial number of them are.

It seems that more and more mathematicians are using a new, high level language named "research student".