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by cryptizard (#47953087) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
If by that you mean "all of us" because that is the case right now. The fact that you got +5 insightful is real proof that people around here are not as good at math as they think they are.

64-bit keys are considered pretty weak, but not trivial to break, so lets assume that you have a computer so fast you can break one of those keys every second, i.e. it does 2^64 key checks per second. Don't worry about the fact that it would take a computer a million times faster than the fastest super computer in existence now to do that, we're just estimating. Now, even with that ridiculously awesome super computer, it would still take you 10 times the lifetime of the universe to break a 128-bit key. So unless there is some theoretical break on the cipher, 128 bits is secure for a very, very long time to come.

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And no one is saying you can't acknowledge that. But it has been done to death. It is not a defense for the rapist. People for whom their first reaction to hearing a rape accusation is, "well, she shouldn't have been drinking that much/in that situation/wearing that" are a part of the problem. When they feel like they have to say that every time there is a discussion about rape, when everyone already knows, they are a bigger part of the problem. Of course you shouldn't go to a black neighborhood and pick a fight, but when you do and the police come afterwards, they are going to believe you and investigate the crime. Many times women don't even get that.

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