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Comment: Re:Jaw-droppingly bad idea (Score 1) 380

by cryokinetic2 (#33942232) Attached to: What If We Ran Universities Like Wikipedia?
Someone give me some mod points so I can mod this up! The University of Phoenix style of learning is completely USELESS for someone studying geology, remote sensing, and other related fields (e.g. ME). You business majors and generic programmers can have your fun with these degree mills. I'll take my chances with a real college.

Comment: Re:Satellite images (Score 1) 100

by cryokinetic2 (#33509586) Attached to: The State of Mapping APIs, 5 Years On
If you want a software package comparable to ENVI or ERDAS Imagine, check out Opticks. http://opticks.org/confluence/display/opticks/Welcome+To+Opticks It's open source and runs on a variety of systems. GDAL is also worth a look. It's good for simple, quick jobs, large, compex scripts etc. http://www.gdal.org/

+ - Defect in Samsung Moment prevents 911 calls-> 3

Submitted by icebreeze
icebreeze (1895016) writes "I would like to inform you of a longstanding issue with Sprint and its phone known as the Samsung Moment. In short, if you use WiFi and then turn it off when done (leaving it on drains your battery very quickly, so turning it off is necessary), within a few minutes the EvDo and 1x/RTT data modems will lock up (for lack of a better term) and render your phone unable to send or receive any data at all. It has been shown that virtually every Samsung Moment sold is vulnerable to the data lockup.
This defect is serious. The data lock prevents 911 service availability in emergencies. Users will not know the phone is locked out until a call is attempted thus hindering emergency contact. The only way to recover from the lockup is remove the battery, resulting in an unnecessary delay in what could be a life threatening situation.

As shown by feedback on a FaceBook(1) group dedicated to the lockup and Sprints own forums(2), Samsung/Sprint mass sold a defective phone to its customers and has neglected to fix the phone, recall the devices, issue functional replacements, or refunds.:

      1. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=121045624613806
      2. http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/phones-and-devices/android_phones/moment

According to the user Mkeng5 on Sprint's forum, Samsung is also violating their own Standard Warranty policy by not producing a valid fix for the phone:


Please help make this serious issue known so Sprint/Samsung will be motivated to provide a valid solution."

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