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Comment: SBC6120 is real PDP-8 style hardware (Score 3, Interesting) 90

by cruff (#49356419) Attached to: Rebuilding the PDP-8 With a Raspberry Pi
The SBC6120 uses a Harris 6120 CPU chip which is a PDP-8/e-like microprocessor. It has a companion FP6120 front panel with switches and lights, which is a scaled down version of an older modle rack mount PDP-8 front panel. You built them from kits, loads of fun for those who like that sort of thing. Mine has a CF card for the hard drives (a whole whopping 2 MB each under OS/8!). You may be able to find an unbuilt kit, as the maker of the kit, Spare TIme Gizmos, will not be making any new ones going forward.

Comment: Not 3D chemical printing (Score 2) 132

by cruff (#49250925) Attached to: New Molecular 3D Printer Can Create Billions of Compounds
From the description in the articles, it appears to function more like a DNA assembly. They start with some basic building blocks with certain chemical groups attached, and react them together to build molecules, freeing those attached groups. It does not appear to be adding individual atoms to individual molecules.

Comment: Skip the videos, spend time with her now (Score 1) 698

I agree that you should spend time with her now, tell her in person what you think you want to tell her later. I read comments made by a woman who had received letters from her deceased mother for those "important events", and grew to dread reading them because they couldn't take into account the changes in the daughters life and became increasingly disconnected. Don't think you can predict the future, but give her your guidelines now.

Comment: Re:Article bad web page design (Score 1) 237

by cruff (#49101311) Attached to: Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan

I use the no color add-on which puts a button on the toolbar to toggle a page between color and black-and-white without affecting the layout.

Even better! I've been annoyed by the lack of layout when disabling page styles. I've added it to my extensions, looks like it will be very useful.

Comment: Re:Article bad web page design (Score 5, Interesting) 237

by cruff (#49100819) Attached to: Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan

A curse and a pox on web sites that use such low contrasting schemes. The article may have been interesting, but I'll never know what he intended to say because I simply can't read it without getting eyestrain and a massive headache.

I agree 150%! I will often close a web site nearly immediately if it has piss poor graphical design. By the way, have you investigated if your browser has the option to turn off page styles? In Firefox selecting the View/Page Style/No Style menu option will turn off the crappy graphic decisions made by the web site author, if you really need to view the site.

Comment: Pick up more TLAs :-) (Score 1) 323

You have a good start sprinkling in the three letter acronyms into your question. Be sure to learn a few more. I admit it don't recognize the ones you used, and can't be bothered to Google them. :-) In a more serious vein, in my experience, all software related development could stand to use strong skills in the areas you listed. You should be able to evaluate the suitability of each part of the "cocktail' of tools to the task at hand, and to deliver well crafted and tested solutions, or to be able to point out the deficiencies of the proposed tools. Too much code has been written by persons sorely lacking in those skills, and the poor quality that results is evident. Not even big corporations are immune. One of my pet peeves: why do users have to enter in phone numbers or card numbers in web forms with out spaces or other punctuation? So simple to strip them out in the validation step.

Comment: Re:It's not all about the numbers (Score 1) 422

by cruff (#48993747) Attached to: What Happened To the Photography Industry In 2014?

For the life of my, I can't understand why Canon, Nikon and others are not fully embracing this connected world. All $500+ cameras should come with Bluetooth/Direct Wifi and GPS built in.

The Canon EOS 6D has built in GPS and WiFi. You can control the camera from your iOS or Android phone, computer or tablet with the EOS Remote App. You can also print to a WiFi printer, upload images to a web service (possibly just the Canon one) and view images on a DNLA media player.

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