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Comment: Just a fad (Score 1) 142

by cruff (#47370875) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Replacing Paper With Tablets For Design Meetings?

Nothing beats post it notes on windows, doors, other people's foreheads to get the creative juices flowing.

I've only seen this technique described in one of those all hands employee training meetings. You know the type, a useless meeting that is a mandatory attendance training session. Never once seen post its used in any meetings after that. What a waste of money.

Comment: Submariners can have fun too (Score 4, Interesting) 84

by cruff (#47300029) Attached to: Fabien Cousteau Takes Plunge To Beat Grandfather's Underwater Record
My cousin served on an attack sub years ago, and he told me about the "diving parties" they had to break in the new junior grade lieutenants on their first patrol. When said lieutenant was standing watch, the diving party call would go out. The party members would all run to the rear of the boat, and the Lt would call for the necessary trim changes. Then the party would run to the front of the boat, repeat as required until the Lt figured out what was going on. Good training for the newbie.

Comment: Re:The Canadian Exodus.... (Score 1) 1633

by cruff (#46767905) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

So that normal citizens like you and me can defend ourselves on the way to the Canadian border. Because when these idiot libs and cons start really shooting at each other... the Klondike might be our only hope.

What makes you so sure that Canada is willing to let you in with your firearms?

Comment: Re:Good PR Move (Score 2) 250

by cruff (#46545673) Attached to: Fluke Donates Multimeters To SparkFun As Goodwill Gesture

The question is, did Sparkfun learn anything from this or will they make another order from the same Chinese company for the same meters and hope Customs doesn't catch them? After all, they got away with it for some time.

I thought they stated they will carry the same cheaper meters, but with the Sparkfun red housing substituted instead.

Comment: Re:Paris had cars? (Score 1) 405

by cruff (#46510297) Attached to: Paris Bans Half of All Cars On the Road

a lot of the cities in the US have less than a million people which isn't enough to pay for a train system

Some metro areas with more than a million in population are also finding it hard to afford to install rail. The Denver metro area, which is approaching 3 million, is one exampleis having trouble funding the light rail northern extensions towards Boulder and Longmont, which will have to make due with increased bus service. Of course, it doesn't help that the Regional Transportation District seems to think that everyone must only want to go into Denver and back...

Comment: Re: Denver? Atlanta? (Score 0, Flamebait) 285

Don't know about Denver, ...

So why did you even mention Denver if you don't know about it? :-) There are a lot of tech jobs all up and down the Colorado Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins in many different types of industries and national research labs. It is just one factor contributing to the more than doubling of population in this region during my life time.

Comment: Re:Still ugly (Score 2) 164

by cruff (#46339701) Attached to: Electric Bikes Get More Elegant Every Year (Video)

I wouldn't call road/racing bikes comfortable, i find an upright bike much more user friendly.

I agree 100%, riding in a lowered position causes numbness in my arms (noticeable after only 10-15 minutes) and causes neck pain. Not everyone who might like an electric bike is 20 years old! Same thing goes for motorcycles.

Comment: Re:Link to Asimov's actual article (Score 3, Informative) 385

by cruff (#45860425) Attached to: Isaac Asimov's 50-Year-Old Prediction For 2014 Is Viral and Wrong

On reading the original I think it is amazingly accurate.

To me, it didn't seem that accurate in terms of the number of correct predictions. The overall flavor of his predictions seems reasonable, however. After all, he predicted flying cars of a type, and they are still not here. I want my flying car!

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