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Comment Re:Tivo will do this already (Score 1) 153

In other words, you as a CableCard user were treated as the second-class red-headed stepchild, by the fact that they forced you to actually go to one of their shitty stores and stand in line rather than mail you the device like they would for somebody asking for a set-top box.

No, I chose to go over there myself. Needed to get out of the house anyway.

Comment Re:Tivo will do this already (Score 2) 153

The only downside of Cablecard is that you have to get the cards from your local cableco. But there aren't many practical ways around this.

On the upside, the last time I had to do this with Comcast (Colorado), it was pretty painless. Just walked into the local Comcast storefront, stated what I needed, had it within 5 minutes. Called to activate it, was fully functional within 5 minutes of the call.

Comment Tivo will do this already (Score 4, Insightful) 153

And it could lead to innovations such as an ability to search for programming across services to determine, for example, whether a movie is available on Netflix or on-demand via a pay TV provider."

A recent Tivo can do this. It can show you the various sources from which a movie or series is available.

Comment Re:"TV series" (Score 1) 438

Every commercial break is about 1.5 minutes of ads.

That sounds like a much more reasonable amount of ads than the common 4-6 minutes of ad breaks in some broadcast TV shows recently. I find myself routinely queuing up 4 minutes of ad skip on my Tivo Roamio.

Comment North Korean Industry: Precision but not Accuracy (Score 2) 236

Just like their missiles, the North Korean time keeping industry must be very precise, but the accuracy doesn't match the real world. :-) Actually, looking at the maps, their new timezone probably means it will be closer to solar noon when their clocks say so. All kinds of strangeness related to timezones anyway, all over the world.

Comment Re:So, Not Then. (Score 1) 116

"Papers... then reviews by an attorney..."

So much for taking lawyers out of the loop.

Not only that, no ethical lawyer will review an agreement on behalf of both sides, as that represents a conflict of interest. You still need two lawyers if both sides feel the need for a review.

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