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Comment North Korean Industry: Precision but not Accuracy (Score 2) 236

Just like their missiles, the North Korean time keeping industry must be very precise, but the accuracy doesn't match the real world. :-) Actually, looking at the maps, their new timezone probably means it will be closer to solar noon when their clocks say so. All kinds of strangeness related to timezones anyway, all over the world.

Comment Re:This is why we have NaN (Score 1) 1067

Well, the limit of 1/x as x approaches 0 from the positive side is +Inf, but the corresponding limit as x approaches 0 from the negative side is -Inf. Still no way to choose just one as "correct". Thus by various definitions, 0/0 = NaN, indicated with either a floating exception program termination, or a signalling or non-signalling IEEE NaN depending on the environment and if your code has adjusted various FP environment options.

Comment I Disagree with the Summary (Score 4, Interesting) 342

Looking at the video, it appears the booster does not come close to ever having anywhere near a true vertical orientation, and this attempt was not, in fact, "incredibly close to success". Granted, it came closer than ever in history to achieving the goal, but the thruster appeared to not have enough thrust to push the rocket to a vertical position once the booster touched down on the barge. I hope Space-X has a successful next test! The world needs a dose of rockets landing on large flames in the style of those old campy movies.

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