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Comment Re:But ... (Score 1) 165

OpenJDK does not suffer of this bad update process because distributions use their package manager to push updates.

That assumes one allows unattended updating or a strict adherence to checking and installing the updates manually, or not being allowed to install updates because it can only be an approved configuration and the configuration change board never meets...

Comment Re:Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

The great thing about solar farms is 50 foot of trees at the edge of the property completely hides them from ground level.

If you live in a region where 50 foot trees grow naturally, then they are a reasonable sight block. In parts of the world, those trees would require assistance to survive, possibly using water that isn't available locally.

Comment Re:Tivo will do this already (Score 1) 153

In other words, you as a CableCard user were treated as the second-class red-headed stepchild, by the fact that they forced you to actually go to one of their shitty stores and stand in line rather than mail you the device like they would for somebody asking for a set-top box.

No, I chose to go over there myself. Needed to get out of the house anyway.

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