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Submission + - South Africa's SKA bid reaches milestone->

fezzzz writes: Technology in South Africa is being developed at a rapid pace as their bid for SKA is gaining ground. With the completion of the first 7 antennas on the KAT-7 project, the first use of composite materials for dish reflectors. With Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya and Ghana partnering with South Africa in the bid, Africa seems to have overcome all the major obstacles associated with the project. Nokia is willing to supply the 15 petabyte per second infrastructure and EMSS Antennas have already built the first seven cryogenic low noise amplifiers. 64 dishes for the MeerKAT project has just been approved and after completion it will be one of the largest, most sensitive radio telescopes in the world.
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Comment One cool feature for me so far (Score 2) 378 378

is the 'pin tab on taskbar' feature (if you have Win7). My company blocks access to GMail, so I have to use the web interface -- now I can have GMail in its own 'application' on the taskbar next to Outlook :)

And yes, I am aware of the Firefox 4 'application tabs' feature -- I've been using my GMail that way ever since I started using the FF4 beta.

Now time will tell which solution fits my needs best.

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