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Comment: Does the math work out? (Score 1) 165

by cripkd (#46799375) Attached to: Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory
I mean if Tesla (and I'm a fan) needs to built its own ecosystem from scratch inside which their cars make sense economically for their customers, doesn't that mean that they need to put in more money than they make>
Is this viable? Something sounds like the old fable of pulling yourself up by your own hair.

Comment: I still don't understand why they keep bashing Sno (Score 1) 504

by cripkd (#45703619) Attached to: CBS 60 Minutes: NSA Speaks Out On Snowden, Spying
Bashing Snowden only puts them in a position of incompetence and carelessness.
Him being able to cheat on the test, accessing stuff he shouldn't be and walking away with who knows how much data and them having to throw away machines that cost tens of millions (come on!) only means that the all mighty NSA, the legendary agency that thrived on the image of being the pinnacle of national security is as incompetent and careless about how they spent public money as any governmental agency out there.
Am I missing something?

Comment: I'm all for javascript... (Score 1) 48

by cripkd (#45605993) Attached to: To Open Source Rendering Engine Replacement JavaScript Framework
But please, can someone explain how the REPLACED the browser rendering engine? The way I see it this is just a js framework that will abstract stuff for you and make you think at the code level that you're working with objects on a scene and not nodes in the DOM.
Kinda like threejs maybe.
I can still see div's and other usual html elements there, not even a canvas.
So I suspect the browser still renders stuff, html that the framework will generate for you. It's not clear to me what they are replacing from what the browser usually does.

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