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Comment: Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 419

by creedfeed (#45358501) Attached to: Blockbuster To Close Remaining US Locations

DirecTV does not use the internet for transmission. It's a direct satellite link, dumbass.

DirecTV connects their DVR to your home network and it does use the internet to pull the "on-demand" content. Dumbass.

"Connect your HD DVR to the Internet with the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit to get thousands of On DEMAND shows and movies."

Comment: Re:Official announcement (Score 1) 87

by creedfeed (#40076111) Attached to: WHMCS Data Compromised By Good Old Social Engineering
The owner of the company suggested that the hackers gained access to his email account which was used to social engineer the hosting company to gain access to the servers. The hosting company had knowledge of the server passwords because Hostgator offers fully managed dedicated servers. Hostgator handles all of the managing and security of the servers, thus they have and need the server passwords.

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