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Comment: Re:Ok, even giving them the benefit of the doubt (Score 1) 262

by crafoo (#48386543) Attached to: Ubisoft Points Finger At AMD For Assassin's Creed Unity Poor Performance

The consoles aren't using AMD video card drivers. The performance bottleneck for massive amounts of draw calls per frame is in the drivers, not the hardware.

It's probably fine on the consoles because they do not have the Windows overhead. The truth is painful.

+ - Reddit Moderator Outs Reddit Admins-> 8

Submitted by Khyber
Khyber (864651) writes "While the censorship is strong over at Reddit, details from a (former) moderator of one of the largest subreddits on the site have been leaked in the form of an an audio recording of a Skype conversation between an unidentified journalist and the moderator himself. User posts are being deleted rapidly from Reddit over in the /r/gaming subreddit, users are being shadowbanned, or hard-banned. (I've had my account dropped.) Really interesting parts of the 50-minute long audio sit around ~10:30 and ~26 minute marks, where the moderator details threats made against him and other moderators, and also a bit near the end regarding their censorship/spam control tools, and how anyone can effectively be banned for any made up reason, commonly-used ones being vote manipulation, brigading, and alt account creation. There is also talk about how subreddits for encryption get monitored much more closely and censored much more often than larger subreddits, such as /r/gaming.

As someone I know has put it, "...given that Reddit says that it views itself as a government for a new type of community, this is disturbing.""

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Comment: Re:Bayonetta is a button mashing game... (Score 3, Interesting) 132

by crafoo (#41348909) Attached to: Can Nintendo Court the Casuals Again?
No it's not. It's a 60fps arcade-style game with a deep block + counter-attack + positioning combat system that requires very specific and tight timing. Yes it has easy-modes for the casual gamers but Bayonetta is most certainly not a casual game. Some enemies cannot even be beaten on normal or above difficulty with using witch-time effectively. Calling it more casual than pikmin and automated is baseless hyperbole. Back that up son if you want to be taken seriously.

Comment: Re:My new business idea (Score 1) 164

by crafoo (#40168223) Attached to: Amazon Patents Electronic Gifting
Better check existing patents & applications first. I believe IBM has much of this area already locked up. Searching for new things to patent: Patenting the patenting process:

Comment: burn it all down and move on (Score 1) 647

by crafoo (#39028525) Attached to: GNOME 3: Beauty To the Bone?
"but more importantly a new mindset about the entire project, a mindset intended to encourage greater deep beauty in the application layers below the user interface" No. Not "more importantly". No one cares about the "deep beauty" in the application layers or anywhere else besides the user interface. The most important thing for a desktop to get right is the user interface. Everything else is just codemonkies masturbating.

Comment: Windows 7, the other OTHER window manager (Score 1) 344

by crafoo (#35728090) Attached to: GNOME vs. KDE: the Latest Round
I don't really see any useful features that Gnome or KDE offer over a more vanilla window manager. Mostly it's junk that doesn't really work right like notifications or Network Manager. Neither is really that easy to configure and neither has a particularly useful interface. You know, Windows 7 actually looks very attractive in comparison. If you really need to run anything Unix-like just use VMware Player and an image that boots to a nice CLI.

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