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Comment No need to read tech news, just read Judge Dredd (Score 4, Funny) 161 161

Between magma powered energy, government spy drones, the obesity problem with the corresponding fat acceptance demands and the militarization of the police, everything I learned about the future, I learned from reading Judge Dredd comics.

Comment Re:Government Involvement (Score 1) 499 499

Your reading comprehension skills need improvement. The portion of the Constitution which you butchered with ellipses states that Congress shall have powers in order to do a list of rather specific things.

In addition, if you actually had a clue (which you do not), you would know that the justification accepted by the Supreme Court was the "lay and collect taxes" portion of the Constitution since the law taxes people who do not have health insurance of a sort Congress finds acceptable.

A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant.