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Comment: Re:Since Microsoft is Evil (Score 0, Troll) 207

by cprocjr (#34385584) Attached to: Microsoft Word Patent Case Going To Supreme Court
They also have the most to lose. If they couldn't enforce their patents, someone could start selling (or giving away) copies of Microsoft products, only having to rebrand them to avoid trademark issues. Knock offs could be exact replicas of Microsoft software. People could steal everything Microsoft (or any other company) develops.

Comment: Diamonds aren't rare. (Score 2, Informative) 347

by cprocjr (#30899752) Attached to: Uranus and Neptune May Have "Oceans of Diamonds"
I really don't find this all that surprising, diamonds aren't even that rare on earth. The only reason they are so expensive is because diamond companies buy them all up and only put very few on the market. However, I have to admit, an iceberg of diamonds would look pretty darn awesome!
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What If They Turned Off the Internet? 511

Posted by timothy
from the very-funny-now-where-is-slashdot dept.
theodp writes "It's the not-too-distant future. They've turned off the Internet. After the riots have settled down and the withdrawal symptoms have faded, how would you cope? asked readers to Photoshop what life would be like in an Internet-addicted society learning to cope without it. Better hope it never happens, or be prepared for dry-erase message boards, carrier pigeon-powered Twitter, block-long lines to get into adult video shops, door-to-door Rickrolling, Lolcats on Broadway, and $199.99 CDs."

Comment: Probably will be fine. (Score 1) 125

by cprocjr (#29282177) Attached to: Mount Wilson Observatory In Danger From LA Fire
From what I've heard, the firefighters have been preparing for quite some time making fire breaks and other preparations. There are also a lot of firefighters there, as it is a top priority. The only way that I can see it going down is if the winds pick up. If they got going fast enough, the wind would blow super hot embers over the fire breaks and over run the firefighters. Strong winds have been known to throw embers well over a mile, so if they did pick up, it wouldn't be that hard for one to land on the observatory.

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