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Comment It means they will... (Score 1) 337

When a company/politician claims they will not do something... it means they will. If not, consider all the times that apple has said they had no plans for a phone/tablet/pen computing/etc, only to do it a few months/years later. It just means they are not capable of doing it now, but they will eventually. So obvious....

Comment So... how good are the compressed images??? (Score -1, Flamebait) 311

I could not find comparisons between FLUF images and other formats. Ideally, take a sample of several images, compress them so they are the same size and compare their quality (e.g., on the website use uncompressed images, and show some zoom-ins from screenshots). Without this, this is quite useless.

Comment Re:Explosions are not that easy (Score 1) 147

E=mc^2, sure, but unless you have a pathway by which you can go from A-->B lowering the mass (yes, you could fuse the H's, then the O to make Ne (and boy, talk about a high energy barrier to achieve that) you cannot release this energy. BTW: you'd only get [m(H2) - m(Ne)]c^2, which is a lot less than you assumed.

Comment Re:Compelling? (Score 4, Informative) 244

No one in tech does that. But the insinuation that Apple is a worst offender here is demonstrably false. Backward compatibility for both iOS and Mac OS X go back as far as the hardware itself will allow, and Apple is, for all its other faults (and they are many), a role model in this particular instance.

Please explain why my Mac Pro 2,1 which has 8 cores of Xeon 3 GHz and 21 GB of RAM is not able to run anything above Lion? Even though it is 7 years old, It is still faster than almost anything apple has to offer (esp. after I upgraded to SSD). Yet, I am stuck on Lion unless I am willing to make a hackintosh out of it and then it can actually run any OSX... so... no real reason why it can't run newer OSX, just that apple did not want to do it.

Comment Re:Just make sure you don't use FTDI chips... (Score 1) 107

Bricking = taking something that does not belong to you. It is immoral and if it weren't for the fact it is not worth it they should be sued out of existence. Acceptable = make your drivers not respond to the fake chip anymore. In the meantime, just stop using this company's chips altogether. That's my opinion. There are other alternatives (e.g., use atmega chips with USB in them).

Comment Re:Just make sure you don't use FTDI chips... (Score 1) 107

Just make sure you don't use FTDI chips... as you never know whether they are legit and the current FTDI Windows drivers will brick them. Sure, it is reversible but if anybody connects your FTDI chip to a Windows machine then it is bricked... Not nice. Not nice at all. Just avoid FTDI.

Or god forbid you can buy your parts from places other than ebay. You're pretty much guaranteed legit parts if you buy from reputable sources.

While this may sound like their reliability is in question, I would say worse from other vendors as the only alternatives to FTDI have had just utter garbage drivers to begin with.

As if you have full control over what you get. Are you buying the FTDI chips yourself? You may be buying from a reputable vendor only to know in the end that their supply lines were not as clean as you thought. What FTDI did (brick chips that used their driver, vs. the correct thing: simply ignore the chips) is extremely unethical, I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM FTDI or that has FTDI on them (whether it is fake or not fake, since I can't be sure until it is too late). Next time they'd better think twice.

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