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Comment Re:Yes, when considered properly (Score 1) 568

The funny thing is that nothing I learned in College was really useful in the real world in terms of Software Engineering.

Most of the good stuff I learned from books written by "practitioners" like Steve McConnell, Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Steve McGuire, etc.... a lot of what these authors had to say also resonates from real life experience in real software companies. The Grady Booches and Kendalls of the world were way less useful.

Comment Re:Nope ... (Score 1) 568

I never worked as a "Code Monkey".

Some people believe that software can be built with several layers of people writing specs so that the last guy at the bottom only has to "translate specs".

I have never seen a project like this succeed. In good projects, developers involve themselves in all aspects from the conceptual design to the testing and implementation.

In my 20 plus years I was never a "Code Monkey". Even in my earliest jobs I had to gather requirements, figure out a plan to solve the problem, make estimates, then build the thing using several layers of "best practices", then testing and implementation. All of this requires skill, experience and know how. Often it requires a deep understanding about algorithmic design, principles of Software Architecture, principles of error and resource management, as well as a keen insight for the business itself.

If that isn't Engineering I don't know what is?

The process that Aerospace, the Auto-Industry, etc.. go through seems much the same. They spend years designing this thing and balancing the different tradeoffs based on their best calculations. We do the same. We just skip the "construction" part of it.. the design IS the software.

Comment Re:Slashvertisment at its best? (Score 1) 242

Promotional articles about Sci-Fi movies (esp. good ones) are a good thing.

We need Hollywood to make more Sci-Fi films (good ones).

So by all means go and see it a few times in the Theater then buy it online (or BlueRay if you're retro).

Comment Re:Aside from gravity and the windstorm.... (Score 1) 242

Rich Purnell (played by Donald Glover) was awesome. :)

I liked that they didn't make it into a typical Ridley Scott movie. They kept NASA professional..

Though I wonder how they would just take off so quickly and not even take some photos from orbit to investigate/confirm what happened.

Comment Re:QA is a carreer killer. Don't touch the tarbaby (Score 1) 58

It is true that we developers do look down on software testers. They are paid less as well. Frequently they are offshored. I'm glad you like it, but you chose the wrong path if you are looking to maximize your usefulness and earning power in the industry. No offense, but that is the truth.

Wow.. sounds like you come from a twisted corporate culture. Why dis someone who's work protects you from making a fool of yourself in front of customers?

Testing is critically important in a successful software project.

Comment Re:Smalltalk (Score 1) 429

While I agree that Smalltalk is an incredibly important language.. some/many of the things you mention came with Lisp first:

Duck typing
JIT compilation within the VM

Some truly innovative things Smalltalk brought us:

The GUI as is know today
The modern mouse
OO (Simula was incomplete)
Extremely simple/clean syntax
A truly interactive, dynamic, programmable, inspectable, live development environment
Platform independent UIs (several flavors: same on all platforms vs best for each platform)
Truly interactive debugging
Method based version control (see ENVY/Developer)
Sophisticated configuration management

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