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Comment: Re:Do you give up higher cerebral function (Score 1) 211

by cout (#47148103) Attached to: Study Finds Porn Exposure Associated With Smaller Brain Region

Predisposition toward alcoholism has a strong genetic component, relating to the rate of metabolism of alcohol and its metabolites. I would only expect there to be a strong correlation between alcoholism and pornography usage if there is also a strong correlation between alcoholism and other similar behaviors.

Comment: Re:I've been saying it for years. (Score 1) 117

by cout (#42534859) Attached to: Ruby On Rails SQL Injection Flaw Has Serious Real-Life Consequences

I think your position is a reasonable one.

However, it's not particularly relevant to the security hole. The bug has to do with deserialization of parameters rather than SQL specifically; the SQL injection exploit is but one possible exploit of the bug.

Moreover it's not inconceivable (likely, in fact) that other bugs of the same class exist in projects other than rails. Avoiding Rails altogether doesn't protect you from this class of bug.

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