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Comment: Re:When will they realize (Score 4, Informative) 303

Why would someone want to buy or illegally download a book telling how to pass a polygraphic test, while there is one freely available. This books is called "The Lie Behind The Lie Detector", and it is available as a PDF here

I used this book back in the days to pass the polygraph test in the RCMP recruitment process, and I succeeded. I finally refused the job, but got through all the process pretty easily.

+ - Gmail down... again?-> 1

Submitted by Landy DeField
Landy DeField (2899899) writes "Tried accessing your Gmail today? You may be faced with "Temporary Error (500)" error message. Tried to get more detailed information by clicking on the "Show Detailed Technical Info" link which loads a single line... "Numeric Code: 5". Clicked on the App status dashboard link. All were green except for the Admin Control Panel / API. Took a glance 2 minutes ago and now, Google mail and Google Drive are orange and Admin Control Panel / API is red. Look forward to the actual ..."Detailed Technical Info" on what is going on."
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Comment: Re:Idiotic approach (Score 1) 74

by courteaudotbiz (#43070503) Attached to: AirBurr UAV Navigates By Crashing Into Things
Crashing into things will slow you down, so you lose a lot of energy in the process of slowing down and get back to speed. I thinks it's worth having collision avoidance instead of collision detection (network guy reference...). Didn't RTFA, though IMHO, it is better to crash photons/sound and then detect it to avoid actual crash...

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