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Submission + - Online raffle site open sources its main functions (

courteaudotbiz writes: To demonstrate the fairness of their raffle website and shut the mouth of those who say that it's a scam, The World's Next Billionaire raffle website just open sourced its main website functions. Their PHP functions to draw prizes, create tickets and compute statistics have just been made available on their website and on their Facebook page. They permit full usage of their code as long as the devs using it place a backlink to their website to give them credit for the code. They also display what appears to be a gambling site licence.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 102

You seriously have absolutely no idea how trademarks work?

Absolutely none. IANAL and am not interested by this trademarks/patents/industrial design crap. I just don't care. But I think it's disgusting that someone claims property on a phrase commonly used everywhere, from TV shows to tech presentations. Or even worse on a single word. Damn, isn't an English dictionary some form of "prior art"?!?

Comment Re:Disgusting. (Score 1) 686

You can call me a troll as much as you want, it is just my opinion. I don't say it's better to send pot smokers in prison, it's just that pot smoking is very very often an introduction to other, more harmful drugs. My brother commited suicide because, among other things, of drug abuse. He started smoking pot when he was 12, got introduced to LSD, mescaline and other craps, and ended hanged with an electric extension cord... I don't say pot causes everyone to commit suicide, I just say it's one more thing that makes people go in a possibly very, very wrong way.

That being said, that's totally off-topic.

I think people say they don't like Snowden only because if they say they like him, they fear to end up in a dark prison after being picked up by a group of black Chevy Suburbans...

Comment Re:Disgusting. (Score 0, Troll) 686

[...]pot decriminalized[...]

You make it sound like it's a good thing. I hate that stuff, and I personnaly don't think that legalizing a substance that distorts reality, that can make you a veggie and slowly destroys your ability to have fun without it is just a way to make a whole generation less intelligent than the one before.

Comment Re:Audit trails, dammit? (Score 1) 342

Yeah, cause everyone knows a broom closet is the most secure place for such an important task as printing the logs of a multimillion dollar lottery... Broom closet is the best, if you require less, there's also under the receptionist's desk, and the middle solution would be in the boss's office. Secure datacenters are only seen in movies, like "Sex Tape".

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