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Comment: Re:Or... (Score 2) 348


The perception of Apple customers has been that they're typically left of center. Apple haters fired the "your iphone is made in a sweatshop" volley (legitimately, I might add) because of this perception of Apple's customers and an attempt at shaming them. Apple responded by enforcing ever stricter standards of minimum working conditions on all their suppliers, thus safeguarding the customer base. Continuing along the same lines and in service of safeguarding their customer base, Apple started moving towards green energy also because that's yet another selling point to keep their customers hooked. It's also the reason why in every product launch, the greenness of the product is a feature touted alongside its technical merits.

Customers give Apple money in exchange for Apple products. That's how Apple became valuable enough to have so many shareholders. Take away the customers and you're holding a shell. The customers *want* a company that is at least a little altruistic because it makes the customers feel good about themselves.

If shareholders treat Apple like the goose that laid golden eggs, they'll suffer the same fate when they try to distil the company to the essence they (wrongly) perceive it to be.

Comment: RIAA Strategy? (Score 1) 369

by counterplex (#35603060) Attached to: P2P Music Downloads At All-Time Low
Publishing headlines such as these typically get reactions that range from "Hell, no! We're still pirating up in dis!" to "I knew it! It's the pirate kiddies who're to blame for music industry losses". Does anyone ever wonder whether publishing numbers like these could be, for the RIAA and associates, a graceful way out of the anti-piracy business? As long as they can indicate that they have made an impact on the P2P music piracy going on they can then look the other way while reaping the word-of-mouth publicity benefits (and others) of this same P2P music piracy. Do you think they've learned from their ongoing 10 year old battle with the P2P industry?

Comment: Re:MythFrontend can do many things but (Score 1) 3

by counterplex (#34117176) Attached to: Best MythTV Friendly HDTV
Let me know if you get that bluetooth remote working. It's funky at best last I tried. I was even at the point where I started dabbling in bluetooth socket programming but realized it wasn't worth it after spending countless hours getting it to work. I ended up buying a microsoft mceusb2 remote with a usb receiver (and room to plugin to irblasters) and have been happy ever since.

Comment: MythFrontend can do many things but (Score 1) 3

by counterplex (#34071200) Attached to: Best MythTV Friendly HDTV

controlling your TV might not be one of them. It typically uses your TV as an output device and that's the extent of control it has on it. You could look into using an irblaster in conjunction with your frontend to exert more control via scripts that can be tied to your remote control using lirc but that's something you'll have to build yourself. It's more common to use an irblaster for channel changing a cable box for which mythbackend already has support.

I'd say pick whatever TV works for you and ensure your frontend can handle decoding and playing full HD content. Add a universal remote to the mix and you have the makings of a killer mythfrontend. If you'll have a separate backend (which is what it seems like based on your description) you won't have to touch the backend at all.

Comment: Re:Best way to learn: (Score 0) 293

by counterplex (#31219028) Attached to: After Learning Java Syntax, What Next?
And by code commenting skills AC doesn't mean add a comment for each line of code. In my experience good commenting would be to add a brief comment for each block of code. If you've written a particularly obscure one-liner or something that might also deserve a quote and perhaps a reference of where you picked it up but that should be rare: I hope you're writing functional and legible code before you start optimizing it.

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