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Comment Re:from my limited experience (Score 1) 357

I try to simplify my examples, but basicaly you must check the Muhammads... plus some random obviously NON-Muhammads as a deterrent - it is not so easy for the Islamic "Peace Corp" to find a white blond Adolf that will try to make connection with his 72 virgins in an airplane (that is the main reason for the existance of TSA - not to prevent Adolf from killing a passenger because he disagreed with the winner of the Eurovision music contest...)

Never underestimate the power of a few million dollars (or other pressure that's brought to bear) to break a profile that's so easy to spot. That's beyond the fact that there are plenty of blond blue-eyed muslims out there to break your profile on its own. Even Malcolm X attested to that.

Comment Re:from my limited experience (Score 1) 357

When you have limited human and/or other resources you don't check a white woman's child just because... you know why (!)... you check Muhammad (plus his wife, and their children).

When you're a terrorist and you see the TSA feeling up Muhammad and his wife and children because of how they look, you naturally find a Robert who won't be searched because he doesn't look like Muhammad or his family.

What then? You'll start feeling up Muhammad and Robert and their families? What about David?

What about Elias who belongs to a completely different group and has a completely different mission than destroying a plane or building? Say he just wants to assassinate a specific passenger.

Comment The key is to change English slowly (Score 1) 626

Consider how the language has changed from Shakespearean times to now. It's taken about 400 years for the language to evolve to the point where it's practically a different language altogether. The change happened slowly in every aspect including constructs and vocabulary. I'd imagine instead of creating a language from scratch, adjusting English by slowly introducing artificial constructs and vocabulary would be the way to go. Not sure if it will remain anything more than a niche dialect of English but it's worth a try.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 348


The perception of Apple customers has been that they're typically left of center. Apple haters fired the "your iphone is made in a sweatshop" volley (legitimately, I might add) because of this perception of Apple's customers and an attempt at shaming them. Apple responded by enforcing ever stricter standards of minimum working conditions on all their suppliers, thus safeguarding the customer base. Continuing along the same lines and in service of safeguarding their customer base, Apple started moving towards green energy also because that's yet another selling point to keep their customers hooked. It's also the reason why in every product launch, the greenness of the product is a feature touted alongside its technical merits.

Customers give Apple money in exchange for Apple products. That's how Apple became valuable enough to have so many shareholders. Take away the customers and you're holding a shell. The customers *want* a company that is at least a little altruistic because it makes the customers feel good about themselves.

If shareholders treat Apple like the goose that laid golden eggs, they'll suffer the same fate when they try to distil the company to the essence they (wrongly) perceive it to be.

No Pirate Bay for Comcast Customers 230

An anonymous reader writes with a PC World article, according to which "The Pirate Bay is unavailable for customers of Comcast, even as the torrent site remains online for other users. Problems began early Thursday morning, when several Comcast users told TorrentFreak that they were having issues with The Pirate Bay. Commenters at Techland and Engadget are confirming that they can't access the site." Right now, I'm on a Comcast connection in Pennsylvania, and get an "Ooops, could not connect" message when I try to reach The Pirate Bay.

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