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Comment: Really? A hand-held touch device to control... (Score 1) 122

by coughfeeman (#47786857) Attached to: No, a Stolen iPod Didn't Brick Ben Eberle's Prosthetic Hand

..a prosthetic hand? So to make it work, it has to be remotely operated by the working hand? Otherwise, isn't it just a narcissistic recursive device: command hand to poke at iPod so it can command the hand to poke at the iPod?

Do they make pedal powered wheelchairs?

Comment: Clarifying the Photo in the Article (Score 5, Informative) 63

by coughfeeman (#45378115) Attached to: Researcher Allows Sand Flea To Grow Inside Her Foot To Study It

Reading the photo's cation, "The sand flea Tunga penetrans, here in a scanning electron microscope several days after penetrating the skin. The abdominal opening protrudes on the right," I thought it was an image of the flea in situ with it's ass stuck through a chunk of the skin it was excised with.

In fact, that giant doughnut around it's midsection is the part that "over 2 weeks [...] swells up to many times its original size, reaching a diameter of up to 10 mm." It's not even fully distended in the photo. Fully inflated, the flea looks like a pearl onion. A fecund pearl onion under your skin erupting with eggs.

When Satan was going through puberty, these were his blackheads.

Comment: Re:I last visited this place . . . (Score 2, Interesting) 177

by coughfeeman (#33158096) Attached to: 'Old School' Arcade Still Popular In NYC
I remember this place in the 80's. My parents would take us out to Chinatown every week from the 'burbs to get some "real" groceries, and my brother and I would beg for a quarter so we can play a game. That was the one and only place I've ever seen the the machine where you can play Tic-Tac-Toe with a live chicken.

Ubuntu Replaces F-Spot With Shotwell 361

Posted by timothy
from the such-pretty-pictures dept.
climenole writes "Finally! The much discussed F-Spot vs. Shotwell battle is over. The new default image organizer app for Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 is going to be Shotwell. This is a much-needed change; F-Spot was simply not enough. Most of the times when I tried F-Spot, it just keeps crashing on me. Shotwell on the other hand feels a lot more solid and is better integrated with the GNOME desktop. Shotwell is also completely devoid of Mono."

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