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Comment: Re:pine & (Score 1) 464

by costing (#42228313) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Current State of Linux Email Clients?

Missing points today ... But please mod parent up, even if myself I use TB and cry in frustration when it slowly draws on getting the focus back, I know quite a lot of people that use pine everywhere, even on Android phones via ssh ... If there's one mail client that will outlive all others, it is pine ...

Comment: Several PCI cards failed (Score 2) 510

by costing (#41672011) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do SSDs Die?

We have replaced a few 8x 15K RPM RAID5 with OCZ PCI cards of 0.5TB and 1TB. They were serving databases with high update frequency (~500Hz average in the long run). At first they were fantastic, iowait was gone, great performance, just as expected, enough to get us hooked on them and order more :)

However in a few months the performance has deteriorated dramatically, to the point where they were much worse than the disks they were replacing. Writing /dev/zero to them a few times restored for a short time the performance but finally one card died dramatically, another lost 2 of the 8 slots ... Finally we moved back to the disks and as much RAM as fitted the servers and called it a failed, very costly, experiment. I'd argue that the SSDs are probably good only for PCs since one can fit a comparable amount of memory in a server for read performance and if you need high write rates you would anyway destroy them quickly...

Comment: Re:Adobe complaining about bloat? (Score 1) 477

by costing (#39102613) Attached to: A Rant Against Splash Screens

How about they concentrate on performance? I mean, it's not that they render PDFs any quicker now on an i7 and 500-core GPU than, say, on a P2. If you want to give yourself a task that would make a difference, do that, you will be spared by a lot of curses coming your way every time somebody presses DOWN ! And waits ...

Comment: Re:It can be a blurry line (Score 4, Interesting) 129

by costing (#31607616) Attached to: Who Should Own Your Smartphone?

Oh, but then what does the mighty IT department do? Actually many devices support the Exchange-only servers, but enabling IMAP+SSL would probably cover all devices currently on the market (even my 2y old HTCs). And it's not a single user usually, once enable many could profit. And updates come automatically these days. So, dear admins, do the magic of checking the box and then you can get back to reading /.

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