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Comment And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until..... (Score 1) 625

I used to be a time-travelling hitman, until they came out with these robots... Um, the CSM-101s... Now I'm out of a job... Hey buddy, can you spare a dime for a fella down on his luck????

(Note to NSA: I was not and am not a time-travelling hitman. The statement was made for the purposes of humour and in no way is a confession.)

Comment Re:Maybe it was just my youth but... (Score 2) 130

Pretty good for off the top of your head. Only issue is that POS is a reserved word in Applesoft. Here is your code changing POS to PS:

10 A$ = "DON'T TOUCH ME! "
20 M$ = A$ + A$ + A$ + A$
30 PS = 1
40 PRINT MID$(M$,PS,39);
50 PS = PS + 4: IF PS > LEN(A$) THEN PS = PS - LEN(A$)
60 IF PEEK(-16384) < 128 THEN GOTO 40
80 FOR I = 1 TO 1000:NEXT
90 HTAB 10:VTAB 12
100 PRINT "I SAID ";
110 FOR I = 1 TO 1000:NEXT
120 PRINT "DON'T ";
130 FOR I = 1 TO 2000:NEXT
150 FOR I = 1 TO 2000:NEXT
160 PRINT "ME!"
170 FOR I = 1 TO 3000:NEXT
180 HOME
190 POKE -16368,0
200 GOTO 30

I ran it and it works!

Comment My 0.02 USD (Score 1) 208

In addition to the OPs, my recommendations (please excuse overlap) speaking from experience:
- A fast computer with a good widescreen monitor. Why? Much electronics work is done the computer, from circuit design, PCB design and microcontroller emulation
- If expense is no object, get a high-end electronics design package like Altium (only one that comes to mind, sorry). I use Proteus from Labcenter as it does the most excellent circuit and microcontoller emulation and is much better value for money
- Software for developing micrcontoller code
- CAD software like Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor for enclosure design
- 3D printer for printing enclosures
- microcontroller programming/debugging devices (e.g. MPLAB Real ICE) and headers
- a high-end mixed-signal oscilloscope (e.g. Tektronix MSO5000)
- a shitstorm of various voltage and current probes
- a good benchtop multimeter, e.g. Agillent 34411A
- a good digital soldering station (e.g. Weller) with multiple soldering irons of various power/sizes
- a good hot air rework station (e.g. Weller WPA3000)
- a hotplate
- *** IMPORTANT *** Fume extraction Don't solder without it
- a good desoldering station
- *** IMPORTANT *** a good stereomicroscope for surface-mount assembly (e.g. Nikon SMZ series)
- good digial benchtop power supplies (analog units can be bumped sending voltages flying; been there, done that)
- a good LCR meter (e.g. Fluke, Hameg)
- If you a doing power supply design, an "electronic load" (TTi)
- Again, if doing power supply design or mains voltage stuff, an AC power source/analyzer (e.g. Agilent); supplies worldwide voltages at various frequencies
- a good signal generator (any)
- an "electronics safe" vacuum for cleaning your bench, £M make one for printer repair which works well
- As I "hate" working from a bench, I recommend a strong and long desk (e.g. 1.8 -2m in length); Check out Herman Miller Abak
- A good chair, e.g. Herman Miller Aeron
- breadboards
- component "engineering kits" (e.g. assortments of resistors, caps, etc... both surface mount and radial/axial in a nice binder) so you always hav ethe exact component on hand
- tools: good screwdrivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, etc... heck, could go on regarding tools, but will stop...
Good luck...

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