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+ - We The People ( Petition for increased NASA funding->

Submitted by corando
corando (2785235) writes "I came across this petition and thought I'd share with fellow slashdotters (it may not be well written, but it is nice to see some people still care):

Increase NASA funding. So we can discover new worlds, protect us from danger and to make dreams come true. CJ, Age: 6.5

Increase the funding for NASA so that children can dream of exploring the universe. Science funding is the future of our country."

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Comment: Re:Spreadsheet applications shouldn't need GPU!! (Score 0) 211

by corando (#44178987) Attached to: LibreOffice Calc Set To Get GPU Powered Boost From AMD

On the other hand, massively parallel computation is what spreadsheets are and what GPU is good at.

^^^ This. Although not always, but often enough.

If you have multiple columns performing the same action for each cell accost a few thousand rows, it could make a difference.

+ - The new Microsoft TechNet->

Submitted by corando
corando (2785235) writes "For over a decade, Microsoft has run the TechNet site and service to provide forums, tutorials, evaluation copies of software, news and other helpful aids for IT professionals who need to become more knowledgeable about Microsoft software. The subscription service component of TechNet allowed subscribers to install and run full-featured copies of Microsoft's latest software for limited periods of time and offered prioritized telephone support.

Microsoft will continue to run TechNet site itself, but offer evaluation copies of its new software at no cost through the TechNet Evaluation Center instead. Users have also been able to access evaluation copies of the latest software through the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscription service."

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Comment: Hello, from the USA (Score 1) 451

by corando (#44071389) Attached to: Use Tor, Get Targeted By the NSA

"will not be treated as a United States person, unless such person can be positively identified as such, or the nature or circumstances of the person's communications give rise to a reasonable belief that such person is a United States person," the secret document stated.'"

Which is why I start all my conversations with an un-encrypted "Hello fellow US citizen! Nice weather here in the US, where we both live and currently are, today huh?" ;-)

+ - AMD's low-powered 64-bit ARM chips->

Submitted by corando
corando (2785235) writes "AMD on Tuesday shared initial details on its 64-bit ARM chips, code-named Seattle, which will have up to 16 CPU cores. The chips will be up to four times faster and more power efficient than the quad-core Opteron X-series chips, which draw up to 11 watts of power and are based on the x86 architecture.

While these are targeted for servers, one has to wonder if phones and tablets are next?"

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+ - NASA team rebuilds Morpheus landing vehicle, readies more flight tests ->

Submitted by MarkWhittington
MarkWhittington (1084047) writes "A May 5, 2013 post at NASA’s Morpheus blog announced that the second Morpheus test vehicle has been constructed and has already undergone a series of static fire tests. Next up will be a series of tethered flight tests at the Johnson Spaceflight Center in Houston, Texas to be followed by free flight tests at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida."
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+ - Plans B and C, alternate Earths->

Submitted by corando
corando (2785235) writes "Astronomers working with NASA’s Kepler planet-finding spacecraft said Thursday that they had found the most Earth-like worlds yet known in the outer cosmos, a pair of planets that appear capable of supporting life and that orbit a star 1,200 light-years from here in the constellation Lyra."
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