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Comment: Re:It is slowly ramping up (Score 1, Interesting) 492

by coopaq (#35441312) Attached to: Safari/MacBook First To Fall At Pwn2Own 2011

I know. That argument is annoying. If they would just say they like the machine build quality, Unix like underpinnings and user interface better it would make it easier to listen to them.

As for your antivirus comment. Well you must be a sys admin to love such crapware.

Seriously in the middle of doing an install of Fedora 14 on my corporate laptop since McAfee is sucking the IO life out of my Windows install. I can jump through hoops to sometimes avoid it, but is company policy. 100000 files in my project and doing a simple copy to an external esata drive takes forever with McAfee cock blocking IO bullshit.

No such trouble or company gripes with Linux.

Comment: I would upgrade (Score 1) 459

by coopaq (#34872670) Attached to: Is Samsung Blocking Updates To Froyo?

I love my Galaxy S. I think I'd pay $99 or so for a hardware upgrade with dual core processor etc.

Even so if this story is true then... fucking pricks. I will never forget and it will affect my future purchasing and recommendation behavior.

Already had to use the One Click Lag Fix. Which really made me love the Vibrant more, but it should have been updated by Samsung anyway in the first place.

Comment: Re:here's where we get to hear someone spew (Score 1) 932

by coopaq (#30076416) Attached to: Easing the Job of Family Tech Support?

My neighbor did that and now he doesn't have any maintenance issues but he is broke.

So now you can help him with financial planning. You know... since he spent the extra $299 on a MacBook instead of a $700 Dell craptop.

Better than cleaning his registry, running spybot, installing antivirus and reinstalling his windows drivers.

Comment: Re:do we need a Kindle for that ? (Score 1) 232

by coopaq (#27067475) Attached to: Amazon Releases iPhone Kindle Software

How I spent the last 10 minutes.


Just installed and bought a book. Heading to the bathroom now.


Success! It works like a charm.

(You dont need to buy a kindle)

Reader is decent. Font size is nice. Bookmark feature works. Option to choose the font you like.

You have to buy books from web browser at But it will automatically send it to your iphone kindle app.

Next update (free) may include searching/buying directly from kindle app. But really what is the point? You probably want to use to search and browse for new books anyway.

Also the book I purchased is pretty good. A couple "duh" things and a few "doh! Why didn't I think of that" things.

Comment: Re:annoyed (Score 3, Funny) 294

by coopaq (#26998343) Attached to: The Future of Google Chrome

"incidentally, you may be unaware of the distinction made in the UK between pants and trousers, i.e. that pants are what one wears under trousers."

So what the hell are under-pants in the UK then? Do they go under your pants?

You guys wear 3 layers of pant?

Do you wear a pair of pants or more? So confusing.

All I know is if you wear pants under your trousers and that's all... well then you aren't wearing underwear and that's nasty.

"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you." -- Alexander Graham Bell