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Comment Re:Vast majority of "innovations" are worthless (Score 1) 61

Our science department has been using InterLACE to increase collaborative learning. I think they just moved to Visual Classrooms (http://visualclassrooms). They did some training on campus last year and it was still a research project at Tufts, now I believe its a real company. Basically it allows students to share ideas and the teacher to get a much better sense of the amount of contributions and interactions taking place when compared to the horrendous BlackBoard forums.

For sciences they have a lot of visual ways of sharing and comparing ideas and thinking. My students really like the way that it allows them to see how others approached a problem/lab, saves me time in that I dont have to explain as much.

Comment More of an update than a bug (Score 3, Interesting) 285

First job out of college doing tech support for a big corp. One day thousands of Win2000 computers start taking multiple hours to boot up. Nobody can figure out what the problem is, got like 20 people working on it for almost two weeks.

After digging through logs and error messages I discover than some idiot who had denied doing anything had sent out an update via our client management software to add a new local user for support purposes. He didn't do this via a script, rather "recorded" him adding it to a machine and then sent out a copy of the files and registry entries that had changed. Unbeknownst to this genius, the local security database is an binary (pretty sure encrypted) file that you can't just go copying between machines.

I put together a script that repaired the local database and fixed the problem in a couple minutes. But literally had thousands of workers sitting around doing nothing waiting for computers to boot for like 2 weeks.

Comment Re:My lists (Score 1) 353

Firebug is amazing in every way, if it didn't exist I wouldn't be a web developer. When there is a chrome specific issue and I have to use their debugger it is so very painful.

Abduction is another good one, lets you save any part of your browser to an image, quality is always better than screencapture.

Comment Re:No one cares enough to build a competitor. (Score 1) 47

Docker defines an abstraction for these machine-specific settings, so that the exact same Docker container can run - unchanged - on many different machines, with many different configurations.

So a newer, spiffier version of Java. Great!

I know people who spend all this time "docker-ing" a web app, and I ask them why and they say "I can deploy it to any machine in like no time." Ok, so how many servers do you have. "One"

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