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Comment: Re:My lists (Score 1) 353 353

Firebug is amazing in every way, if it didn't exist I wouldn't be a web developer. When there is a chrome specific issue and I have to use their debugger it is so very painful.

Abduction is another good one, lets you save any part of your browser to an image, quality is always better than screencapture.

Comment: Re:No one cares enough to build a competitor. (Score 1) 47 47

Docker defines an abstraction for these machine-specific settings, so that the exact same Docker container can run - unchanged - on many different machines, with many different configurations.

So a newer, spiffier version of Java. Great!

I know people who spend all this time "docker-ing" a web app, and I ask them why and they say "I can deploy it to any machine in like no time." Ok, so how many servers do you have. "One"

Comment: Re: Too late (Score 1) 107 107

I use 1Password and really like it. In addition to the site logins I store a bunch of server username/PW in encrypted notes. You can also store files (like my SSL certs) encrypted. I cannot talk about how it works on Android, I dont use it on mobile. I know you can, I just dont.

Comment: Re:I hate light text on black background (Score 1) 172 172

I agree this is bad, but then to put a multicolor background image behind it all just destroys your brains ability to quickly recognize the shape of words.

Half of a word is white on dark green, the other half is white on brown. That is terrible.

That does not compute.