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Comment: Conflict between laws of different nations (Score 1) 502

by contrarywise (#47589245) Attached to: Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

I assume the US judge applied US law to this case. I assume there are laws in Ireland that place limits on the transfer of data.
So, in Ireland, Irish Microsoft might not be allowed to transfer relevant data that authorities in the USA are legally demanding from USA Microsoft.
This seems to be a trivial example of the complexity of international law which hitherto has gone unnoticed because nobody questioned the practice (don't say, don't ask). (Or, just for fun, the NSA simply got the data without the need to ask anyone).
So this is a test case to see who wins - Ireland/EU standing up for their rights, Microsoft hiring the best legal brains, the Congress insisting that existing US law must be followed.
Clear the ring and place your bets.

Comment: Fit for Purpose? (Score 1) 663

by contrarywise (#45318711) Attached to: A Math Test That's Rotten To the Common Core

This test paper may (possibly) meet the specification but it is not fit for a class of 5/6/7(?) year old children, or anyone. Throw it away, apologise to the children and parents, get the money back from the company that produced it and use someone else to write the papers.
Anything else is plain ridiculous.
(Oh, since this is the USA, also sue the pants off the company that produced this toxic little waste of time).

Comment: You can email Google (Score 1) 351

When I emailed Google with a complaint I got a detailed reply. No complaints on that score from me. Of course I had to email via the fan club page, using their "tell us how Google has enriched your life" form - anything that removes that little bit of tomfoolery will get my vote.

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