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+ - Google Maps Directions Adds Real Time Traffic Estimates->

constpointertoconst writes: If you use Google Maps to calculate directions, you may now notice (if your route is covered by their traffic data) an "in current traffic" travel estimate for current route. Some may recall that Google Maps had a similar estimate in the past, but it was removed last year due to poor accuracy.
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+ - Facebook Bug Reveals Private Photos->

constpointertoconst writes: A week or so ago, professional hackers (members of a bodybuilding forum) discovered a bug in Facebook's inappropriate content reporting feature that allowed access to recently uploaded photos of any user, irrespective of privacy settings. Recently, mass media picked up on this and the story is spreading like wildfire. Facebook has since patched the problem after disabling the feature. Thankfully, before the bug was patched, users managed to obtain several private photos from Zuckerberg's profile, featured prominently in the BBC article.
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