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Submission + - Money and wealth: clearing up some serious misconceptions-> 2

KDan writes: I am not an economist. However, most people misunderstand money and its purposes and uses so badly that I feel compelled to write out my understanding of it. Perhaps because I am not an economist, this might help some. The first and perhaps most important mistake people make is to confuse money for wealth. The more I earn, the more I realise that wealth is not money, but the ability to generate money (and other things of value). This is akin to the difference between saying "I am a dancer" (i.e. I have the ability to dance) and "I was a dancer" (i.e. I once had it but I no longer have it). Being wealthy is equivalent to the first statement, while having money is equivalent to the second.
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Submission + - The Adam has arrived-> 1

Clueless Nick writes: The much awaited Pixel Qi and NVIDIA Tegra 2 based tablet, the Adam, designed by Indian start up Notion Ink has been finally opened for prebooking. Notion Ink's CEO Rohan Shravan has given details about the Eden UI sporting multiple panels, native applications and the price range on his widely followed blog. The 10.1" tablet will run on Android and incorporates feature sets of both 2.3 Gingerbread and 3.0 Honeycomb.

The base version (LCD + WiFi) starts at $375.33 and the top one costs (Transreflective Pixel Qi + WiFi + 3G) $549.99, and will be priced at the same level for all markets! What is not revealed so far is a mystery feature (cryptically denoted -D5720A80), which may see gradual unlocking through fortnightly updates. Also on the way are replaceable side panels with colours of your choice, to complement the matt black finish of the tablet.

Also read, at the end of the blog, Rohan's fitting reply to a FUD post by Engadget, the tech blog that loves a certain premium hardware vendor.

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Comment Re:What's the point of this script? (Score 1) 375

The advantage of this being that these 'preferences' persist within your Facebook account, as opposed to tied to your browser on your computer alone. So you can log-in to FB on a layperson-friend's PC without having to be re-introduced to what a Mafia Wars/Farmville-laden feed looks like.

Comment Re:Seems fairly intelligent... (Score 1) 136

*: I am making the assumption that you are a United States citizen. This, of course, is based on absolutely no facts, as you have revealed nothing regarding your nationality. If you are not from the US, you can still probably use Google and Wikipedia to do your own search regarding your ACTA representatives. Say what you will that such an assumption is based on hedonism and/or nationalism, but I have nothing better to go off as you have revealed no information regarding the country of your residence/origin.

For a post bordering on condescension about Google-fu, the least you could have done is to click on the GP's "Homepage" link - which you can fairly assume to be GP's blog/personal website - where the country of residence/origin is roughly evident as the USofA.

Less effort than typing out this entire blurb about (presumably) your prior unfair persecution for making such assumptions.

You are false data.