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Comment: Benefits of Trade Shows (Score 4, Insightful) 105

by conrad_halling (#42161293) Attached to: I go to trade shows (of any kind) ...
There are two benefits for me for going to trade shows: (1) Learning quickly what's new in the trade. In a good trade show, you can get a good demonstration of a new product, and sometimes you can even talk to one of the developers. (2) Networking. I often run into former colleagues at trade shows, which gives us opportunities to update one another and re-establish contacts.

Comment: Re:Is this legal? (Score 3, Informative) 245

by conrad_halling (#26231471) Attached to: Amateurs Are Trying Genetic Engineering At Home
In Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of Harvard, MIT, and more than 50 biotech companies, you must have a recombinant DNA permit before you can manipulate genetic material. Here's the link if you want to apply:

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