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Comment: Re:Shades of MicroSuse. (Score 3) 282

by concept10 (#17938652) Attached to: Canonical and Linspire Make a Deal
"If you are a tweak freak power user, forget Ubuntu. BASIC.. And yes, I enabled all the extra repositories. Still, BASIC..:

This stupid comment bothers me as it only represents FUD. How does Ubuntu (or any other distro) prevent you from tweaking your system, or being a so-called power user. Give me a break.

Last time I checked, the Ubuntu repo's had over 21,000 packages. What more do you want, and what does the repository have to do with it in the first place? What did you think would happen when you enabled more repos? The distro is supposed to automagically turn into Gentoo or "Enterprise Ready(TM)" ?


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