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Comment Re: We are returning to the dark ages. (Score 1) 99

We are descending into a dark age. We have a culture of death, where we've replaced reproduction with immigration. This has been true for decades, and is becoming more pronounced with the passage of time. We have too many elderly, and our women are facing ever increasing pressure to choose service over family, creating a spiral effect. We will reach a point where we don't have the numbers to keep the infrastructure going. Our modern technological society relies on myriad resources being available, and as those resources become unavailable, all the knowledge in the world won't matter. Once we're unable to implement our discoveries and designs, people will forget them.

As we became more advanced, our creations became more delicate. The more delicate they are, the quicker archeological evidence of them deteriorates. There is no reason to believe this hasn't happened before.

ISIS are standing in opposition to this pattern, but I doubt they will be effective enough to prevent it. I'd say a dark age is pretty much guaranteed.

Comment Re: The wall will be built (Score 1) 828

What do you get if you cut a Nazi's balls off?

An Occupy protester.

That's why they blitzed all the way to the Atlantic. They were welcomed as liberators. But, eventually the evil foreign capitalists used their influence to mobilize the entire world and re-enslave the European continent.

Though to be fair, Stalin wasn't a capitalist, just an ally.

Then they saw to it that anyone who questioned their propaganda and told the real story was arrested. Questioning or disputing the "official" story remains a crime to this day.

Hell, it's a part of this culture. Oh, you discussed the Nazis, GODWIN! Conversation over!

Comparing Trump to Hitler is ridiculous. If Trump placed his businesses under the democratic control of his workers, that would be more like Hitler.

Comment Re: "weapons... get cash from Congress" (Score 0, Troll) 137

Suicide bombers are like viking berserkers and japanese kamakazi pilots. They are the walking, talking embodiment of courage and dedication. The fact that you are their enemy doesn't diminish that in the slightest. Oppose them or not, when you disparage them, you diminish yourself.

The ones who deserve contempt are the drone pilots. They're walking, talking embodiments of cowardice, deserving of utter contempt.

Comment Re: Take back Slashdot (Score 1, Troll) 1305

She never fetched me slippers, but she did volunteer work, helping anorexics with recovery, building urban farms with me to help feed the homeless, that sort of thing. I was very proud to support her, and she appreciated being able to do what her compassion told her to do instead of a boss.

And she was proud to take care of me, because she knew my work makes the world better for everyone on earth, but I'm too stoic and tend to forget to eat for 16 hours when my head is pluued in.

The really fucked up thing is, you can't concieve that giving a woman such a life is a gift, not a curse. Like working 40 hours a week for some rich bastard is the be all and end all. You know it's rich men who are grooming you to think that way, right?

When every man in town is working for you, enticing women to neglect their role and serve you is the only way to get more power.

And people are so stupid they buy it hook line and sinker. Reminds me of the head fuckery I experienced in the infantry, frankly.

Comment Re: Take back Slashdot (Score 0, Troll) 1305

Yep. One of the things I like about IT is that I mostly work with men. Working with women means never being able to speak plainly.

The other thing I like about it is that it lets me afford a stay home wife.

That's what earns my respect when it comes to women, caring for a husband and children and doing volunteer work, being compassionate and supportive instead of mercenary and greedy.

The more they try to show they can fit in a mans world, the more successful they are at doing so, the more they reduce themselves and the contempt they earn.

That's just how it is. They reduce themselves from being the custodians of our future to being a tool we use to solve problems. Except you own and treasure tools, but you can't own a woman, so it's more like picking a stick off the ground to use as a lever then discarding it, knowing you'll find another stick later.

That's the uncomfortable truth.

Comment Re: No thanks (Score 1) 223

It would be nice if we were all sitting around so we could fight.

Marriage has a purpose. It is a bargain society makes with fertile couples to subsidize the creation and nurturing of the next generation of mankind. It's not a human right, and it imposes an obligation on the people getting married to be loyal partners and good parents.

If it's not that, then it shouldn't exist. I reject the idea that any two people qualify for special treatment under the law just because they sleep in the same bed, and so should the rest of you.

If I've got a roommate, and the guys across the hall from us get special treatment under the law, at mine and my roommates expense, just because they "love" each other, that is not fair, and not right. No amount of bullshit, sophistry, propaganda and shaming is going to make it fair or right.

Comment Journalism (Score 1) 311

Journalists report on things they've observed first hand.

Just because 100,000 partisan gossips refer to each other as journalists and publish words that have been strung into paragraphs doesn't make what they do journalism.

Ideal journalism is devoid of opinions, devoid of conclusions. It informs without attempting to lead the reader towards a value judgement, allowing us to make better decisions.

Journalism is dead, and it's the likes of Gawker that killed it in the first place. They put it right in their mission statement:


If you want people to be well informed with unbiased information, maybe protecting them from the likes of Gawker would be a good start.

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