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Comment: Forget it's Military Value (Score 1) 332

by compcomplex (#35019484) Attached to: Does the Moon Have Military Value?
It a shame some look at the Moon as something of military value when it's of far greater *scientific* value. Just the ice alone makes it attractive to return and this time stay. Enough with the "pick up the rocks and fling them to Earth talk" - that's just insane. The Moon is right *there*, it's our stepping stone to the rest of the solar system...

Comment: Astounding (Score 1) 106

by compcomplex (#35007476) Attached to: NASA's Commercial Plans for Kennedy Space Center
It's absolutely astounding to me (as someone who works at KSC) the level of understanding with the comments here regarding commercial spaceflight. Nyeerrmm got it right - some of you, oh boy, stick to topics you know... Not only is there a push for commercial spaceflight, but there are plans to build a heavy lift vehicle (which lately there is talk of utilizing the commercial sector to do.) In addition to this, research on in-space fueling depots and "shipyards" are in the works. Like with anything in life, to make these things happens, needs commitment and Benjamins...Something lacking from the leadership for many, many years.

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