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Comment Re:Why wasn't there a systemd fork of Debian? (Score 1) 755

DJB wrote qmail, daemontools, etc, to be simple and robust, in line with the Unix philosophy of having lots of little tools, each doing one thing well. He also put his money where his mouth was, offering bug bounties. If there's a correlation between his software and systemd, it may be in that it upset an established way of doing things.

Submission + - Hotel-window smashing pranksters uncovered

commandlinegamer writes: The Smoking Gun has done an intensive bit of detective work and unmasks a ring who they allege have been behind the recent high profile hotel-window smashing pranks. While some of their antics may have been amusing, they've left a lot of hurt, angry people in their wake, not to mention the monetary damage that's accrued. Read more here.

Comment Re:Smoking Gun? Hardly (Score 1) 406

Coke and Pepsi are little more than caramel-coloured fizzy sugar water. And that's in the UK. I dread to think what that HFCS stuff tastes like. For a decent cola, try the Barr's version of this. And then there's this, our other national drink. A much nicer way to rot your teeth.

What the gods would destroy they first submit to an IEEE standards committee.