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Comment: It's a trap? (Score 5, Informative) 83

by collet (#43693321) Attached to: Demonoid Resurrection Dismissed As Malware Was Legitimate

Maybe. From the old official IRC channel on

"Topic for #demonoid is: OPEN REGS:UNKNOWN; SITE: DOWN; FORUM: DOWN; TRACKER: DOWN;| Welcome to #demonoid. | is not demonoid, not run by demonoid admin or staff, and should not be supported. The site could be used to collect your usernames/passwords for their own use. Use at your own risk."

Comment: Re:ASUS or Aus? (Score 1) 129

by collet (#42925697) Attached to: Sony Exercising Its Acquisition of GaiKai, Plans To Stream Games To PS4

try playing games published by Australian companies on Australian servers.

Ha ha. Can someone please name one publisher/developer from Aus/NZ that hasn't created complete garbage? The only thing I can think of is that kiwi guy who made Day Z.

But as a resident of New Zealand 200 ping will always be guaranteed, unless we develop quantum sorcery over IP or some shit. Few publishers create servers in Australasia.

Comment: Re:Yay, I think? (Score 2) 222

by collet (#42667493) Attached to: Canonical Could Switch To Rolling Releases For Ubuntu 14.04 and Beyond

Strangely I find my myself agreeing with AC, Unity pretty and shiny, GNOME 2 look like old boring XP!

But seriously, it looked so cool at the time I had to try it; and as if by sheer luck have never, ever encountered any bugs that people often complain of. Even on on my Athlon XP machine.

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