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by colin_young (#42690937) Attached to: Unlocking New Mobile Phones Becomes Illegal In the US Tomorrow

Not just joining a new carrier. I'm an e.g. T-Mobile subscriber, and I'm traveling to e.g. Canada. I'd like to use a local account while I'm in Canada so I'm not paying the international roaming charges (0.59/minute voice, $10/MB data). So I'd like to temporarily swap SIMs. I still plan to honor my contract with T-Mobile.

As an example of charges, it would cost over $10 just to view the page ( that tells you how much you'll be charged, and that's just for that single page. It doesn't account for the navigation it took to get there.

There are perfectly legitimate reasons to unlock your cellphone. It is a matter that should be covered under contract law, not criminal law.

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I don't disagree with your points, but what filtering software will do is decrease the risk of accidentally seeing something you don't want to have to explain to your children just right now. Not zero-risk, but lower. My 9-year old knows what sites she can visit, knows which ones she has to ask about, but doesn't type very well and sometimes screws up a URL, whether or not I'm sitting right beside her. Even my wife could do with some help with mistyped URLs sometimes...

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by colin_young (#35137366) Attached to: Last.FM To Require Subscription For Mobiles and Home Devices
One thing to consider is that a track download or CD purchase is a one-time event, and then I can listen as much as I want (no matter how much the music industry might wish otherwise), while the streaming royalties represent an ongoing revenue stream for the artists. That said, comparing to low royalty CD = 400 plays high royalty CD = 1333 plays Amazon = 120 plays Self-pressed = 10,667 play Keep in mind those are per user.

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by colin_young (#35137276) Attached to: Last.FM To Require Subscription For Mobiles and Home Devices
Just to correct one point: doesn't have advertising in the stream. The ads are on the website, which is still free. I wonder though, is it possible to listen via the web browser on your mobile device? Not an option for me since I deleted Flash from my Android and use my Squeezebox 95% of the time I listen to, but it's an interesting possibility.

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by colin_young (#31137124) Attached to: Southwest Declares Kevin Smith Too Fat To Fly
Actually, you'd probably create a secondary market where us skinny folks could sell our "extra" weight allowance. Assuming of course that the airlines couldn't find some way to have laws passed to outlaw that (kind of like how they didn't complain too hard about the ID requirements since it neatly solved a business problem for them, namely the resale of unused return tickets, although that's become less of an issue now that one can routinely find one-way tickets for close to half the round trip fare).

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by colin_young (#28145347) Attached to: Hulu Testing Client App; Boxee Dispute Explained
That's the problem. The networks can't afford to lose the cable revenue stream (Netflix's revenue model is totally isolated from cable). For now, those of us going to the trouble of hooking our computers to our TVs are in the minority. That won't always be the case. Maybe a service like Hulu could break the cable company stranglehold on TV distribution (I'd be happy to pay a subscription fee for premium access knowing that it's needed to support show development, especially if they offered sane packages, or a-la-carte pricing). Now if we could just do something about lack of competition and choices for broadband, we'd be all set. On the other hand, if that's my biggest problem, I'm doing pretty well.

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by colin_young (#28141145) Attached to: Hulu Testing Client App; Boxee Dispute Explained
If you know how to set up Boxee/XBMC/Plex/whatever, you've probably got your PC hooked up to your TV and probably aren't too excited about running an app outside of your media center (extra clicks and whatnot). You might even consider canceling your cable subscription. If you don't know how to set up one of those apps, you probably don't have your PC hooked up to your TV (at least not permanently), so you're going to (as Hulu apparently imagines it) lean back in your chair at your desk and watch Hulu on your PC. More importantly, you aren't going to cancel your cable subscription, which is where the content producers get the lion's share of their revenue.

Comment: The real reason for blocking Media Centers (Score 2, Informative) 166

by colin_young (#28140525) Attached to: Hulu Testing Client App; Boxee Dispute Explained
This post (Q's 7 & 8) I think explains why Hulu has been forced to block media center apps: To be fair, Hulu needs to satisfy the desires of their content-providing overlords, and whether or not the people at Hulu agree with blocking media centers, they need to at least make it appear they are making a good-faith effort to do so (it does seem that every block they've thrown up has been easily worked-around). That said, I suspect the thinking is the full-screen app isn't going to be used by technically sophisticated users who are capable of setting up and running one of the Hulu-supporting media centers, and therefore anyone who is using the full-screen app isn't going to be the type that has their PC hooked up to their TV.

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I'm running an unlocked phone on T-Mobile. T-Mobile will give you the unlock code for your phone after you've been with them for some time (I think 3 months), and you can add and delete features (like data plans) at will without contract extensions. I do have to "lie" on my online profile since the phone I own isn't a model they actually carry in the US market in order to make certain features available.

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