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Comment: What about my stress level (Score 5, Interesting) 163

by colin_n (#30778230) Attached to: Antitrust Case Against RIAA Reinstated

Who is going to compensate me for my increased stress level from living in fear of being sued by the RIAA? If I had kids and I wanted them to behave, I'd just tell them stories about the RIAA coming to get them and financially ruin them.

Don't jaywalk kids because the RIAA will come get you.
Eat your vegetables so you can be strong to fight the riaa.

Seriously though, I hate those guys.

Comment: Based on how much I pirate... (Score 4, Interesting) 202

by colin_n (#30778182) Attached to: App Store Piracy Losses Estimated At $459 Million

I have an jailbroken and unlocked iPhone, but I haven't even tried to pirate apps from the app store. Frankly, I didn't know it was possible. In the past I have pirated almost everything. I just dont see the benefit of piracy to save $5 especially since it's probably a p.i.t.a to pirate an app store app. These figures look like hot air to me.

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