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Comment: Re:The uses of schizophrenia diagnosis .. (Score 1) 77

by codeusirae (#45853705) Attached to: "Jumping Genes" Linked To Schizophrenia
"I know people with this illness, hearing voices seeing "hidden meanings" etc. It is real it is a problem for them, as well as those around them. If you do not know this from personal experience then you have little exposure to the less advantaged parts of society"

I once met such an individual, used hang round car-parks getting drunk and yelling at passerbys. A classic case of schizophrenia if there ever was one. Turns out he grew up in a small farm house with his mother. Mother dies and his brother came back moved the wife and kids in and got him commitment. After a full course of treatment both chemical and electrical, now he can't find his own arse with both hands nor remember huge chunks of his past, carries round old newspapers in a briefcase, a substitute for his lost memories I suppose. I only know this as I was the only one else who would have a conversation with him.

Comment: Schizophrenic DNA .. (Score 0) 77

by codeusirae (#45852699) Attached to: "Jumping Genes" Linked To Schizophrenia
"To investigate that question, principal investigator Kazuya Iwamoto, a neuroscientist; Kato; and their team at RIKEN extracted brain tissue of deceased people who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia as well as several other mental disorders, extracted DNA from their neurons, and compared it with that of healthy people"

Presumably these schizophrenics would have been on long term antipsychotic medication. I wonder would this account for the increase in L1. How were these 'healthy people' defined as 'healthy', who gets to do the defining and mightn't a number of 'schizophrenics' have escaped diagnose by not having come into contact with the psychiatric profession. Schizophrenics are people unfortunatly disgnosed as schizophrenics by the psychiatric profession ..

Comment: Magnetic stripe on credit cards .. (Score 1) 146

by codeusirae (#45852463) Attached to: How to Avoid a Target-Style Credit Card Security Breach (Video)
"When thieves broke into the point-of-sale (POS) system at Target, they stole the data from the magnetic stripe on the back of credit and debit cards."

At the time. there were chipped solutions but the banks chose to go with magnetic stripes as it was the cheaper solution, this made it easy to steal the data and to replicate the cards.

+ - Unhappy with your government? Start a new one. 11

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Stories like the NSA revelations (among many others) suggest that modern governments may be getting the sense that they exist of their own right and independent of the people who allegedly democratically control them. When faced with trying to "fix" this situation, individuals are daunted by the scope of the task. The institutions of government are huge and difficult to imagine changing. However, apart from changing from the inside or revolting against the system, there is a very different alternative: just set up a new government. Of course current governments frown on that, but there are ways around it. Seasteading advocates creating new nations in newly-created lands (i.e., on the seas). Open source governance advocates setting up new, internet-based communities with their own governance system and allowing those communities to gradually push out the antiquated systems. What's your plan for living in democracy in the coming year?"

Comment: If your machines have been owned .. (Score 1) 215

by codeusirae (#45823831) Attached to: The Startling Array of Hacking Tools In NSA's Armory
"Applebaum spoke about why the NSA's program might lead to broader adoption of open source tools and gave a hot tip on how to know if your machines have been owned."

Where could the code be hiding .. the BIOS, the PCI BIOS, the Video Card, the NIC, the PXE ROM or buried in the CPU microcode ...

Comment: Certs are next to useless .. (Score 1) 228

by codeusirae (#45823479) Attached to: US Requirement For Software Dev Certification Raises Questions
"To what extent does a CMMI certification determine a successful project outcome? CGI Federal, the lead contractor at Healthcare.gov"

Certs are next to useless in determining project outcome, all they do is generate revenue for the lawyers. How many PCI Compliant Credit Card clearing houses have been knocked off - hundreds. For a successfully project what you need is a small core team of top-notch programmers. Apart from getting awarded certs can you name any large-scale projects CGI Federal worked on that could be declared a success by reputable programmers and the end-users.

Comment: Computer hacker shut lights off with malware? (Score 1) 396

'When U.S. officials warn about "attacks" on electric power facilities these days, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a computer hacker trying to shut the lights off in a city with malware'

Just who in their right mind would connect the power facilities directly to the Internet .. oh wait ....

+ - Unintended Consequences: How NSA Revelations May Lead to Even More Surveillance->

Submitted by Lauren Weinstein
Lauren Weinstein (828974) writes ""This then may be the ultimate irony in this surveillance saga. Despite the current flood of protests, recriminations, and embarrassments — and even a bit of legal jeopardy — intelligence services around the world (including especially NSA) may come to find that Edward Snowden’s actions, by pushing into the sunlight the programs whose very existence had long been dim, dark, or denied — may turn out over time to be the greatest boost to domestic surveillance since the invention of the transistor.""
Link to Original Source

Comment: When it comes to modern firewalls .. (Score 1) 259

by codeusirae (#45815439) Attached to: Have a Privacy-Invasion Wishlist? Peruse NSA's Top Secret Catalog
"When it comes to modern firewalls for corporate computer networks, the world's second largest network equipment manufacturer doesn't skimp on praising its own work"

Firewalls are next to useless given todays Oss that require randomly open ports and remotely downloading scripts/code in order to function, the security model is fundamentally broken ..

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