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Comment: My pedantic comment (Score 3, Funny) 375

by codepigeon (#48502595) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

A single credit card, for places that have not embraced, but soon will

So do you have a separate card for places that have not embraced and never will?

Here is a (funny) anecdote, a couple years ago I went to a small comic book store with my son. I hardly ever have cash on hand. When we went to checkout I asked the guy if he took credit cards, and he puffed out "not until they outlaw cash!". ... We ended up going to a nearby ATM so I could by the comics.

Comment: Re:De facto a la carte cable (Score 2) 130

by codepigeon (#48387461) Attached to: Sony To Take On Netflix With Playstation Vue

I welcome another streaming service. Why? Because it increases the alternative options for cable customers.
Netflix ($9) + Hulu Plus ($8) + Amazon Prime ($8.25) + Sony ("competitive") = ~$35
Comcast's Digital Preferred (where I live): $86 (not counting taxes) + $10 HD fee + $8 DVR fee = $104

Lets project that into the future:
Netflix ($9) + Hulu Plus ($8) + Amazon Prime ($8.25) + Sony ("competitive") + Comcast SuperFriendlyLoveCustomer Internet service ($86) + Comcast Modem fee ($10) = ~ $131

Yeah, I am looking forward to the future /s

Comment: Who is ubmfuturecities? (Score 1) 219

by codepigeon (#48375449) Attached to: Microsoft Losing the School Markets To iPads and Chromebooks
I have never heard of this website before. I read the story and didn't see any links to data to support the authors observations about usage rates; just some anecdotal comments.

Having said that, my son's school uses Chromebooks to replace all text books and paper homework/assignments. I have to say I am very impressed. I like that all homework and assignments are available to the teacher at any time and the teacher can intervene if they detect the student is falling behind or doing poorly. I have some worries about Google probably mining and cataloging his work though.

I don't see the usefulness of an iPad in a classroom unless it comes with a keyboard and the infrastructure to support them (no clue about what apple provides for "cloud" services for schools). My company issues iPads with a Logitech keyboard to managers. In this case it seems more like an excuse for them to check their mail while they are supposed to be paying attention to the meeting.

Comment: Re:worker wearing full protective gear (Score 4, Informative) 421

by codepigeon (#48123859) Attached to: Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

Does anyone know how the virus can penetrate a hermetically sealed suit?

It cant, but when the health worker does not use care to disinfect and properly remove the gear, he/she may not as well have worn the suit in the first place.
One of the workers infected in africa admitted that that was the cause of their infection; accidentaly touching their bare skin with the outside of the suit.

Comment: Re:Open Sores is Insecure (Score 0) 236

by codepigeon (#47999679) Attached to: First Shellshock Botnet Attacking Akamai, US DoD Networks

I guess you cocksucking faggots should have used Microsoft Windows Server instead of something as insecure as Linux. For best results use Microsoft Windows, faggots!

Oh man, this comment has me pissing my pants laughing. Its so over the top. it should be in a Will Ferrel movie. If you are not trying to be funny, that would make it even more hilarious. Hehe.

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