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Comment Re:Mad Max and Ep 7 were filled with CGI (Score 1) 232


Here's a pretty good youtube video on how much CGI there is in films we don't tend to think of as CGI.

Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn't) by RocketJump Film School

People tend to get mad about CGI only when they notice it.

Also, many of the CGI movies people dislike just weren't very good movies.

When well used, CGI and practical effects are mixed and melded.

Case in point: mad max fury road, lauded for its practical effects (as seen in linked video above).

Comment Re:Underwhelmed by Netflix (Score 2) 75


Someone else made an insightful comment about netflix a while back.

When the movie studios realized Netflix was giving the consumer what they wanted, they demanded a bigger piece of the pie and the Netflix catalog dried up.

Ever since, Netflix they've been filling it with junk documentaries and B-movies.

Netflix abandoned their fancy recommendation algorithm because it was simpler to just recommend based on popular and trending titles. And there's no point recommending something isn't in the catalog. Would you like to see a B-movie that tries to pass itself off as an A movie with cover art?

All that said, Netflix is the best out there. $7.99 for netflix, or $11.99 for hulu without ads.

I am not aware of any other mainstream competitors for flat-fee all-you-can-view offerings.

Comment Re:Privacy Complaints (Score 1) 202

> The US has a lot of cops.

Let's not overstate the case.

348 police per 100,000 citizens in the USA.

Just looking at 1st world countries...

Fewer than Spain (533), Greece (491), Italy (465), Belgium (421).

In the same range as Northern Ireland (376), France, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Scotland, Germany (296).

More than Ireland (261), New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada (202), Japan (197), South Korea (195), Finland (137).

Comment Re:Maybe you should focus... (Score 1) 145

... on not introducing toxic Codes of Conduct that split apart your community and are downright bigoted in order to push a particular agenda ?

Won't have to "make" new developers if you don't chase your existing ones away.

This is obviously something you have followed closely and thought about.

As someone who doesn't use github much and isn't familiar with this particular drama, can you elaborate?

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