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Comment Re:Blaming the victim (Score 1) 815

Thank you, excellent question!

You will notice that the third word in my post was "muslims", not "Achmed". In other words, the (specific) clock incident is only a small part of a (general) larger trend.

No, neither do western kids routinely carry around suitcases to school with countdown displays in pencil cases suggestive of hollywood bomb counters.

Comment Re:OK, so he's a lot smarter than I am... (Score 1) 96

... He guessed that the problem might take him a few weeks. Instead, it took him five years.

I've underestimated ever-so-slightly like that. Now I don't feel so bad about being dumb!

It's on-spec (he delivered the proof all right) and on-budget (not sure about academia, but he still has a paid job, doesn't he?), so it was bound to be the schedule that had to budge.... That's the problem with giving jobs like this to IT people :-)

Comment Blaming the victim (Score 2) 815

Gotta love muslims*. Move to a certain country ostensibly for a better future, then try to change that country and society to be the same as the one left behind.

I know one shouldn't blame the victim, but in many cases the so-called victims of islama"phobia" weren't just innocently walking along minding their own business.... And I for one feel it is very applicable to also take a hard and critical look at the victim's actions that led to them wanting to be labeled victims.

* = I also know I shouldn't stereotype and should have probably written "some muslims". It's just so sad that the daeshbag minority is so visible and vocal, while the silent, conservative, hard-working, intelligent, empathic majority are quietly working along being productive members of the societies they find themselves in.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 2) 242

... One of the "benefits" was 24-hour hackathons. ...

I have no idea why employers think that messing with the body's natural melatonin and serotonin cycles, and the resulting impact on health, concentration, memory and just general well-being, is a good idea.

Makes me think of a previous employer that had go-lives every two weeks, which started around midnight and would need to be babysat by everyone having code going into it, often until normal employees came in the next morning.... That was after already working a full day (so those switchovers were already a bit dicey due to lack of concentration). Of course one would get the next day off, but I for one could never go to sleep during the day to catch up on that lost sleep (work quality the next couple of days was quite a joke, and not in the "haha" kind of way). I thought I was back into a normal sleep routine just in time for the next go-live to hit ... until I resigned, and had a much more normal (8-5ish) routine, and still had sleeping problems months later.

Comment Re:Profit! (Score 1) 965

Cause hate against non millitant/radical Muslims in that country.

And not only muslims: all religiosity becomes now tainted.


Also refer to Hegel's philosophy (Thesis+Anithesis->Synthesis, thus set up Thesis and Anithesis in such a way that the Synthesis end up where you want it), as well as Marx's expansion on that idea (the constant struggle towards some Synthesis is the goal, not the Synthesis itself).

I suspect that there is more behind this than what is reported in the media, i.e. the promoting of new Theses and Anitheses so as to change a lot of things about the (political, economic, cultural) order we are accustomed to now - and not necessarily in a good way.

Comment First part of the article (Score 1) 345

I think it may be important to draw attention to the first paragraph in the article (yeah right, who reads it anyway?):

Autistic traits are not the same as having a diagnosis of autism

As well as:

It is important to underline that it is not diagnostic. A high score alone is not a reason to seek help.

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