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Comment Re:The nanny service should be ones to do that (Score 1) 243

So you would rely completely on the fact-checking and judgement of a nanny service, while hoping that the influence of the criminal justice system significantly deters the actions of pedophiles, and entirely omit any personal vetting of the person who takes care of your kids all day? Good God I hope you don't actually have kids.

Comment Re:Some other country will lead the ethics of this (Score 1) 137

You're arguing that the track record for profit-driven research is far better than the alternative, but it's the results of government-funded basic science research that are described in the article. These results are the ones leading to the potential of the profit you admire at the (arguable, depending on perspective) expense of the entire natural human gene pool. Really, what profit-driven research in the last 30 years has the same potential for changing the world as this basic science discovery? NIH funded science will be working on cures to genetic diseases, no question about it. Profit-based research will be working on how to create the next superkid so that Sally Soccermom can chase some clickbait gene that a profiteer has touted as the gene for fast-twitch muscles, or intelligence, or Cary Grant's facial features.

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 475

They seem to demand racial equality, in that the percentage of black students at their university should not be less than the percentage of black students in their state. They further demand that the percentage of black administrators shall not be less than the percentage of black people in their state. There have been demands to increase participation in STEM fields as well. The idea is that these disparities result from the historical white repression of blacks, and reducing these disparities would improve the academic success of the black race. The point is: I've seen the demands, and I do have some appreciation for the rationale. That being said, blacks were also traditionally excluded from athletic programs. The time demands on student athletes, as well as the athletic culture that values athletics over academics, puts them at a disadvantage in an academic environment, and at a disadvantage for jobs that require academic achievement. There are significantly more blacks in athletics than would be expected by the population average, but surprisingly there are no demands to racially equalize this particular subgroup of university students. Even Nate Silver at 538 completely ignores this effect in his statistical analyses. As such, their demands would indeed provide more money to black people, but they should not be expected to improve equality. Even ganja-smoking hippies stumbling around looking for their lost signature (no offense ;) are now noticing this, and this is a step backward for people of all races imo.

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