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Submission + - IBM, TDK start developement of MRAM chips

Stony Stevenson writes: IBM and TDK have launched a research and development program to build their own high-capacity MRAM chip, which could someday replace less reliable technology used in disk storage systems and other areas of computing.

The IBM/TDK collaboration places the effort against MRAM development projects at Toshiba, Freescale Semiconductor and others. Freescale released the first commercialized MRAM chip last July, but at $25 for 4Mbits, experts did not consider the chip much of a bargain in comparison to alternatives. The major advantages of MRAM over flash memory, the most commonly used nonvolatile memory, is MRAM's ability to read and write data quicker, and its seemingly limitless endurance. MRAM's ability to store information doesn't deteriorate over time.

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