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Comment Re:Haswell-EP Xeons (Score 1) 149 149

You've never run CFD,have you? ...and don't know its message-patterns, either. That's what the OP said he was doing (though he didn't say whether he was running someone else's "canned" code, or was compiling his own). Unless it's specifically compiled for Haswell (which is unlikely,but sad), the "canned" code will not take proper advantage of the Haswell AVX2 instruction-set.

Comment Haswell-EP Xeons (Score 2) 149 149

I would go with Haswell-EP Xeons -- probably 2697v3 (14 cores @ 2.6-3.6): a two-socket motherboard gives you 28 physical cores per board, for prices in the $12K range. Just one of these is quite a powerful system. If you can get by with a 2-node system, then 10GE interconnect is good enough (AND MUCH CHEAPER); for more nodes, you will need Infiniband (since 10GE does not scale well). The 4-node/IB cluster will be on the order of $60K, and will offer more performance than a $160K solution of a couple of years ago.

These will offer far better performance than the Opteron solution.

Can you compile your own application? If so, use the Intel compilers, and make sure you compile targeting the Haswell instruction set (-O3 -Xhost -march=corei7-avx2 -mtune=corei7-avx2 if I recall correctly): the full AVX2 Haswell instruction set is rather more powerful for your app than the predecessor "AVX" SandyBridge/IvyBridge instruction set, which is far more powerful than the previous Nehalem/Westmere SSE4.2 instruction-set, which is somewhat more powerful than a simple "-O3". If you can't compile on your own, try to make sure the vendor's executables target AVX2; the right compile-flags will double your performance over "-O3"...

Comment Browsers on servers (Score 1) 338 338

Intel compilers install their documentation as local HTML (on that server), so you need a browser of some sort to read it. And firefox won't do that job on RH servers, because RH puts in that ancient and rude "use the Firefox on the client machine, not the one local to the server" hack to the firefox it supplies. So you need either konqueror, chrome, or opera on the server ;-(

Comment Three options is better (Score 1) 464 464

  1. contact lenses + "tuned" computer glasses (below) + reading glasses, for normal use: the lack of peripheral vision with any eyeglasses is a serious problem for things that need it -- and builds bad habits, in the process (I'm an avid ballroom dancer, and you really need peripheral vision for floorcraft!
  2. "computer" glasses for your computer work -- and make sure you measure distance-to-screen and have the prescription tuned for that distance.
  3. "progressives" for one-day-a-week "off" from the contacts.

Comment Re:Someone has to be in charge (Score 3, Insightful) 641 641

I *would* really like working for someone like Linus -- really sharp, really on-the-ball, really high expectations, really willing to listen to well-though-out "it might be better to..." (see his response to Ted T'so later in this thread).

Much better than working for some bureaucrat or politician who *thinks* he knows what he is doing.

Comment Re:Copyright violation. (Score 1) 119 119

If the original plugins-team follow the Scientology copyright-action precedent and show up with an ex parte seizure order, a Federal Marshall, and an 18-wheeler to seize the evidence of copyright infringement (i.e., every computer in the place), it might serve as an example pour les autres.

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