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Comment: Re:My Views (Score 1) 720

My best solution is that we have a tax on the wealthiest to subsidize those that don't have skills that don't allow them to hit pverty level.

We do. It's called the income tax. It's not always a large enough subsidy to bring low-earners up to the poverty line, but someone working full time at minimum wage is eligible for more in benefits than they're paying in taxes.

Comment: Re:Common knowledge (Score 3, Informative) 270

by cmseagle (#45597851) Attached to: For First Three Years, Consumer Hard Drives As Reliable As Enterprise Drives
What? There's absolutely difference between 87 octane and 92+ octane. While many high end cars are able to compensate for this difference by sacrificing efficiency, it's certainly not wise to put the lower grade gasoline in a high performance vehicle. Not a good analogy at all.

Comment: Re:Oh, the irony! (Score 1) 291

by cmseagle (#42859669) Attached to: Apple Said To Be Working On a 'Watch-Like Device'
Pocketwatches went out of style because wristwatches were more convenient. Wristwatches were traditionally worn by women, until soldiers in WWI realized that it was impractical to have to dig through your pockets to check the time. This argument still holds against the cellphone. I started wearing a watch after cellphones became a popular accessory, and I'd never go back. I really do find that it's nice to have the time strapped to my wrist.

Then there's the social aspect. Older generations wear watches, and associate pulling out a cellphone to check the time with teenagers and young people. Maybe once they've retired and are replaced by the younger generation a cellphone will be seen as on-par with a wristwatch.

Comment: Re:It is perfectly feasible... (Score 2) 308

by cmseagle (#42447109) Attached to: A Subscription-Based Movie Theater

I hope they also have regular $8/10 ticket for one movie. (most people wont see two movies in one day)

Seeing as how the previous iteration of the business went under following that model, I don't think it's likely that they'll be attempting it. I think that if the customers know that they can go to the movies for $8/10 like they're used to, the theater will be hard pressed to hit that 3,000 member mark.

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score 2) 153

by cmseagle (#42099121) Attached to: Federal Officials Take Down 132 Websites In "Cyber Monday" Crackdown
Or, you know, people selling counterfeit merchandise have to be relatively easy for customers to consistently find, while the other criminals you mention are actively avoiding detection, and have no reason to stay on the same domains/servers for very long, making them much harder to shut down.

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