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Comment Kickstarter Project more than half way there (Score 1) 81

This Kickstarter project:, which has just announce that it's shipping (with the usual delays hopefully over), seems like it's already solved the major issues, and just needs a hardware refactoring to produce the USB connection you're looking for.

I'd recommend getting in-touch with the creators and see if they'd be interested in developing this. This is their second Kickstarter project (at least), so they've already learned a lot, so could be positioned well to run with it.

Comment Pattern recognition... (Score 1) 21

Let's hope they're also on the look-out for debris like from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 etc..

I'm sure there's a bunch of human crap down there (though probably re-purposed where possible by the local inhabitants), but all of it should be of interest to us...either for the damage it's causing, or the damage it's from.

Comment He's not going to remember he has it... (Score 1) 161

...or how to use it, or what it's for if he ever stumbles (I don't mean fall down) on it.

It would need to be something that the person is already familiar with...unfortunately, that is not the situation today. Now, when you're in the same position, using technology will be second nature, and you'll have no problem finding the dining room.

Comment Go down with the "ship"... (Score 1) 460

Remote pilots probably don't feel the same level of anxiety as one aboard a craft that's in might also mean that, because the remote pilot isn't in any danger, they might not put enough effort into trying to save the craft.

So long as, if a plane goes down and a "present" (on board) pilot would have died, the remote pilot is shot-on-the-spot, I think that'll work as providing enough incentive for them to make sure the craft doesn't crash.

Just my thoughts.

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