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by cmdr_klarg (#46880419) Attached to: How the USPS Killed Digital Mail

For all the talk about how the US is not socialized, please explain how the top half pays the whole bill.

Because they have all the fucking money!

and the bottom quarter actually gets money out?

The bottom quarter don't have a pot to piss in, mainly due to the shitty economic conditions that the politicians bought by said wealthy have put in place so that they can line their pockets ever deeper.

That, by definition, is government transferring wealth which is very socialistic.

We could use a lot more "socialistic".

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by cmdr_klarg (#46290557) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

My issue with this kind of randomness is that it reduces the skill depth of the game. Consider, for example, a variant where you could choose which crew member to send on a likely-suicidal mission. You'd have the same chance of somebody dying, but now there'd be a bigger incentive to have redundant crew. Or lacking that, you could choose which of your trained crewpeople, or what racial bonus, you least need.

FTL does do that, as when you make your choices during a certain scenario, such as the space station that has a fire. Normally you have the choice to go in and help, which will randomly let you know if you are successful or not. But, if you have a Rock crewmember, you get a blue choice that automatically succeeds, as the Rock crew are immune to fire. You can also get a blue choice if your ship has the correct equipment, such as a repair drone, improved sensors, or the correct weapon mounted.

Very fun game, you will tend to lose more often than you win, but that is part of the fun.

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You have no idea how frustrating it is as a Southerner to be constantly condescended upon because of our supposedly lousy driving skills. I don't care HOW skilled you are at driving on snow or ice, when you crest an ice-covered hill with a curve at the bottom, even if you're driving 1 MPH, you're going to go off the road or crash into the curb (or the car) at the bottom.

Every time I see one of these "lrn2drv" smug posts, I want to invite that person to come on down and drive on a road that is completely untreated in a car that is completely unequipped for snow/ice driving. In this case, I'd love to get them to try it in the middle of an Atlanta rush hour that was as popped out on steroids as it has ever been in the history of the city. Yes, we're not used to driving on ice. Yes, there are some fools who do it wrong. But I've seen people who are the most careful of drivers creeping along at a snail's pace still have wrecks because, believe it or not, when your roads have no snow or ice for 999 out of 1000 days in a row and no one has prepared for the eventuality that they might, and your government is run by "don't spend money for any reason"/"let's err against the side of safety" idiots, shit happens.

If the situation is like that then the smart choice is to stay home (or where you are at the time). I'm in MN, and there are conditions from time to time where you DO NOT TRAVEL, such as freezing rain or whiteout blizzards. If you do, you endanger your life as well as the other idiots on the road with you, AND the emergency personnel that have to try and rescue you.

TL,DR version: Stay off the ice.

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