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Comment Re:I don't think it's enough, but I have doubts to (Score 1) 331

Correct, but the militarization of SWAT and police in general SHOULD be the focus of the story. These little assholes wouldn't be swatting if it didn't evoke such a massive response from police.

Did you read the list of offenses this kid did? If you think he did all than just because SWAT teams react, and he is not the one that is primarily accountable.,., .well, I'll just have to assume you are the kid's mother.

Hmm... *re-reads post* nope, at no time did I excuse this kid's actions. The point I was making (since you appear to fail at reading comprehension) is that swatting wouldn't exist if not for a relatively easy to exploit system. Sure, this little psychopath found other ways to inflict misery on others (hence the use of "little assholes") but the fact remains that something needs to be changed WRT griefing by police.

I suspect that it won't be the police that reform it, either. Swatting gives them a good excuse to use all that military equipment.

Comment Re:I don't think it's enough, but I have doubts to (Score 2) 331

I do think that there are other side conversations about the militarization of SWAT teams that can be had as well, but that's not the focus of this story.

Correct, but the militarization of SWAT and police in general SHOULD be the focus of the story. These little assholes wouldn't be swatting if it didn't evoke such a massive response from police.

Comment Re:It seems like we need grave threats to humanity (Score 1) 637

I'm 50 years old and looming catastrophe has been hanging over our heads my whole life

1. Various Nuclear disaster scenarios
2. Global Economic collapse
3. Climate Change
4. Various religion based end-times
5. Y2K
6. etc

Honestly, it is like we can't function without having some sort of doomsday scenario in the picture

Y2K was averted precisely because we did something about it. We can do something about the other things you list as well. The exact answers to those problems are not apparent to me, but one thing I do know is that none of them will be solved by sticking our heads in the sand.

Comment Re:How about ... (Score 1) 531

Like it or not advertising shapes the world we are in. Where do you think the million dollar super-star athlete salaries come from? Advertising. Free programming? Advertising. I can go on. It's incredibly unlikely you don't own at least one thing you either got for free due to advertising or was subsidized by advertising.

No one likes advertising, but everyone wants free stuff. Why do you think advertising is attached to free stuff? Who do you think is paying for the free stuff?

That's the problem: Ads are so damned pervasive that it is nearly impossible to get a moment's peace from them.

I run adblocker unapologetically. I refuse to sit through pre-content ads if I can help it. I don't care if the content is "free". That 30 second ad playing in front of the content I want to watch is 30 seconds of my life that I cannot get reimbursed for (never mind that it is the SAME DAMNED AD for the next 20 bits of content). If there was a way to pay a nominal fee for ad-free I'll gladly pay it.

Companies that pay advertisers want a return on their money spent. That's what all the tracking is about - to justify the money spent. I can understand them wanting to get that data, but I also understand not wanting to be tracked and targeted. Even if by an impersonal computer, it's creepy.

Full disclosure here - I work for an advertiser. And here's hilarity for you - nearly every computer in this department runs ad-block to stop viruses or who knows what else from getting into the system. There's a lot of abuse out there by the unscrupulous to the downright criminal "one simple trick scam" idiots.

All very good reasons I don't want to see ads. Let me repeat: I am willing to pay to avoid them. I don't listen to AM or FM radio anymore, Sirius XM is much better with NO ADS. I pay for Hulu Plus which does have ads, but not like one would see on a cable channel. If they ever come up with a paid tier where I see NO ADS I will gladly pay it. If your content service has no options to reduce or eliminate ads for me it is unlikely that I will continue to use it.

Comment Re:Inconsistent (Score 1) 866

I'd say it is because of Christian inconsistencies. On the one hand they state that God's love is unconditional, on the other they say if you don't love God and follow His laws you will go to hell. There is no logic to religion.

"Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time!

But He loves you! He loves you, and He needs money!"

- George Carlin

Comment Re:ad blocker? (Score 1) 358

Ethics my ass!

There are some professions known for ethics, and marketing sure as hell isn't one of them. I'll turn off adblocking when it can be guaranteed that I won't acquire malware in the process.

No, scratch that. I truly hate most ads. In their current state they are a blight on civilization. 99% of the time they are nothing but an involuntary time waster, like understaffed checkout lines and stop lights. Why the hell should I have to spend several seconds of my precious lifetime in order for some slimy marketer to make a buck?

Fuck 'em. They can go find something to do that benefits society instead of wasting everyone's time.

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