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Comment: Re:I'd start by shooting the Captain.... (Score 2) 416

by cmd (#38765062) Attached to: What To Do With a 1,000 Foot Wrecked Cruise Ship?

... landed in bed with a beautiful naked girl and my two best friends.

"He said he got stuck in the lifeboat for an hour before it was lowered into the water off the coast of Giglio island. Also with him was Dimitri Christidis, the Greek second in command of the Concordia and Silvia Coronica, the third officer, according to La Repubblica newspaper. " [Telegraph]

Comment: Re:Bullshit detector goes beep (Score 1) 197

by cmd (#38361788) Attached to: MIT's New Camera Can Take 1 Trillion Frames Per Second

swalve is correct, the camera takes about an hour to capture an entire scene. To quote the video (starting at 1:32):

"So what's happening is, the camera keeps taking images and we very slowly rotate this mirror to scan our field of view across the entire scene. And because all of our pulses look the same we can in the end go and combine all these images we took to get one complete movie of the scene."

That movie of the light pulse had a different, but identical, pulse in each frame.

So what they have invented is a very accurate shutter trigger and a sensor with a very fast shutter speed.

The image sweep is accomplished by mechanically moving a mirror very accurately, but not quickly.

This camera rig is not really a slow motion camera, it does not capture a single event at 10^9 frames per second.

Comment: Re:I like paper books (Score 1) 122

by cmd (#33827800) Attached to: Negroponte On OLPC's New Path, Plans For XO 3

Nobody will destroy existing paper books. They will be around forever, and new ones will always be made. This is not a one or the other scenario.

However, over time more and more books will be delivered in electronic format only and fewer and fewer paper books will be printed. It is inevitable; there are too many government agencies and (very large) corporations with their own interests and agendas that are dependent on this.

That electronic book readers may have benefits for the user is only incidental, sugar to make the medicine go down.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.