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Comment: Re:Just Hateful (Score 1) 165

by cluedweasel (#45312603) Attached to: Why Amazon Fights State Sales Tax, But Supports It Nationally
This is pretty much how my current home town works. What it leads to though, is around 50,000 property owners financing everything in the city - roads, schools, parks, leisure centers, social programs, libraries, etc. You may think that sounds fair enough, but we get over 2 million tourists a year, who outside of a 9.8% room tax, pay nothing towards the infrastructure they use during their vacation.

Comment: Re:I actually don't see much wrong with this. (Score 1) 568

by cluedweasel (#45220031) Attached to: Top US Lobbyist Wants Broadband Data Caps

THIS. Its mostly about Netflix. Charge enough that it costs less to order Pay Per View than to use Netflix, then TWC pushes them out.

And this is pretty much what my ISP tells you if you call to complain about their 150Gb per month cap. "Use our on-demand services and it won't count against the cap." Same with their VOIP service (which I thought wasn't allowed). Bear in mind that their overage charge is $1.50 per 1Gb.

Comment: Re:Someone's gotta pay for cable (Score 1) 223

by cluedweasel (#45171515) Attached to: Are Cable Subscribers Subsidizing Internet-Only TV Viewers?
A few years back, most cable companies offered a $10 package that was the local network affiliates and cable access/shopping/religious and government channels. Those seemed to have disappeared. My local cable company did carry such a package but never advertised it, you had to call to get it.

Comment: Re:Three words... (Score 1) 304

I live in a town of 80,000, out in the middle of nowhere. The only reliable Internet is from the cable company. There is DSL, but it's slow, only available in a pretty restricted area and goes down for days at a time. Being a town of mainly minimum wage service workers, OTA is very popular. There are antennas everywhere. This didn't escape the notice of the cable company. What they've started to do is to buy the local network affiliates and then turn down the transmitter power as much as they can. Their first acquisition was the CBS affiliate. They turned the power down to 250W. At my house, 4.5 miles away from the transmitter, the signal was barely at 30%. Their other tactic is the 150Gb monthly data cap with a $1.50 per Gb overage charge. All aimed squarely at preventing people from streaming. All for $51 per month for 12Mbps down / 1.5mbps up. Don't even get me started on how it hinders start ups and damages the local economy.

Comment: Re:NRA (Score 0) 771

by cluedweasel (#44516855) Attached to: Encrypted Email Provider Lavabit Shuts Down, Blames US Gov't
The problem is, a lot of those people who squawk loudly about their right to arm themselves to the teeth will quite happily turn around and support NSA snooping, TSA over-reach and anything else they feel makes them safer from "terrorists". Personally, I wish they would fight as hard for the 1st and 4th as they do for the 2nd.

Comment: Re:Shocked, shocked! (Score 1) 276

by cluedweasel (#43866051) Attached to: Pitcher-Turned-Law Student On Cheating In Baseball
Yep. I was a semi-pro cricketer in the Derbyshire League in England back in the day. As a fast bowler, I was encouraged to "tamper" with the ball. One method was to pick up some dirt along with the ball when fielding near the crease. That way, i could keep a little in my pocket and use it to roughen one side of the ball to cause it to swing. Picking at the stitches to raise them on the seam of the ball was another. I'm sure all the same tricks are present in baseball too.

Comment: Re:Can i please have two? (Score 1) 395

by cluedweasel (#43796829) Attached to: Xbox One: No Always-Online Requirement, But Needs To Phone Home
"Do people even buy games in boxes any more?"

Yes. Those of us who are unfortunate to live in local cable company monopolies. Our data cap is 150Gb per month with a $1.50 per 1Gb overage charge. Where possible, I buy games on disc. Between Netflix, Hulu, steam, X-box content, etc. it's way too easy to blow through 150Gb.

+ - Federal Judge Dismisses Movie Piracy Complaint->

Submitted by cluedweasel
cluedweasel (832743) writes "A Federal judge in Medford, OR has dismissed a piracy case lodged against 34 Oregonians. Judge Ann Aiken ruled that Voltage Pictures LLC unfairly lumped the defendants into what she called a "reverse class action suit" to save on legal expenses and possibly to intimidate them into paying thousands of dollars for viewing a movie that could be bought or rented for less than $10."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Could Work for Some (Score 3, Informative) 213

by cluedweasel (#43096831) Attached to: ISP Trying Free (But Limited) Home Broadband Plan
Interesting to see the average usage at 24Gb to 28Gb. When our local cable company was trying to bring in a 30Gb monthly cap, their argument was that 95% of their users went through 2Gb a month or less, effectively subsidizing heavier users. Total bollocks argument of course, but that's another story. The age demographic tends to skew high here and a lot of people only use their Internet connection for email. even here at work, people will reach for the Yellow Pages book before using Google. Those people would be a good target for this sort of service.

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